the fact that libraries are closed except for book pickup but theyre trying to open bars and restaurants is how you know everything is bullshit


@dankwraith waffle houses are still closed. no business should be allowed to open while the waffle house is still closed.

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@dankwraith this is not a joke. have you seen the waffle house disaster index? a situation in the southeast isn't really seen as a disaster until the waffle houses close, and the recovery hasn't really begun until the waffle houses have reopened.

@Sapphicgiraffic my only waffle house experience was taking a break from driving through oklahoma at 2am. damn those hash browns were good

@dankwraith good food, good atmosphere. as anthony bourdain once said "[waffle house is] marvelous — an irony-free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts."

@dankwraith did you know that waffle house was founded by a pair of georgia tech grads?

i know because my ex-wife went to gt and they opened a wh just off campus and everyone kept talking about it for a month

@Sapphicgiraffic @dankwraith waffle house workers have seen some shit man. It's real talk with them, 24/7/365.

@dankwraith @Sapphicgiraffic there's a waffle house in hollywood, like, right off sunset? every time i passed by it on my way to work the damn TMZ tour bus was there holding up traffic lmfao

edit: its just called The Waffle but its like a bougie waffle house

@Sapphicgiraffic its legit like a bootleg waffle house!! the logos are so similar i really thought it was a real one

@dankwraith @Sapphicgiraffic People give Waffle House a lot of shit, but that's because they treat it like a traditional restaurant and not a "Fuck I need food" stop on a road trip.

@Sapphicgiraffic @dankwraith That's literally a ton of businesses' policy in the hurricane-y parts of the country.

@bulkington @dankwraith waffle house disaster index is legit.

did you know the company maintains its own private fleet of recovery and cleanup van teams they deploy to get locations back up after a disaster?

You could do a Southern Shaun of the Dead with that as a writing prompt.

Waiting out a zombie apocalypse at the Waffle House is exactly what my friends and I would have done when we were 17.

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