users often say they're reluctant to make reports because they're afraid to make a big deal out of things, so here's a reminder about reporting:

most reports do not result in a ban or silence.

there are many actions we can take when receiving a report. we issue warnings, delete offending posts, or usually just make notes on who and what to watch for in the future.

if you have concerns but are still uncertain about making a report, just dm me or whichever mod you're most comfortable with.

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@Sapphicgiraffic As someones who aren't on Snouts at all but are uncomfortable making reports to our own mods – thank you so much!

@IceWolf @Sapphicgiraffic Yeah this is probably a good reminder just generally! I imagine this'll apply to most decent instance mods, and yeah, a lot of people probably do wonder "hey this is a Problem but is it a Problem Enough to Report Since It's Not Bad Enough For A Ban?" or whatever.

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