me, singing about all the yummy leafs i just ate: Amazing Graze

Interview with a Giraffe 

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girls without hoofs are just as valid as normal girls :2c

girls without big hairy fetlocks are just as valid as girls with big hairy fetlocks

art post!

Geometra (Gea for short) is a leukistic West African giraffe.

1. Gea cosplaying Rosalina by sheepkind on tumblr.
2. Gea doing yoga by Lumberjade on tumblr.
3. Gea running on the beach by ginsengandhoney on tumblr.
4. Gea and some leafs, lines by @GlitterDisaster and colored by me.

(I need to get a proper ref sheet lol)


@Sapphicgiraffic two key points of evidence for the Fluttershy trans theory—

1. Her cutie mark: butterflies with light blue bodies and pink wings. Lots of symbolism there.

2. Exposure to the Poison Joke plant, which gives silly symptoms targeted at the afflicted pony’s insecurities, gives her a deep, masculine voice, and Spike nicknames her “Flutterguy” (Video, 0:51).

[Fluttershy, close up of her cutie mark] 🐴🦋

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A meditative exercise 

Okapi is just shortstack Giraffe with different coat, and I think that’s beautiful.

A friend surprised me with this giraffe girl plush tonight and I’m ✨🦒✨

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