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As an intro for the local timeline, I'm Savrin, podcaster, convention lifer, former convention chairman, occasional streamer, rare YTer. Too online for my own health.

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I'm a little bummed my flags didn't lose most of their creases after a run through the washer and dryer. But my queer gamer cave is a step more so.

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@edgedestroys master matoya, the dummy thicc assclaps of the sin eaters draweth ever nearer to these despoiled lands. what sayest thou of our plan of recourse.

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I'm looking for a comic- It was a lucario and charizard making out, but the charizard stops them and says 'hey babe don't forget to use protection'.. and they put a cork on the lucarios chest spike.

Pat my head and tell me I’m a good fox

How the heck do you get package wrinkles out of a synthetic cloth flag without an iron. Soaking it and tumble drying low doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Took Adam out before bed wearing my skirt. So bold~

I mean yeah it's midnight and nobody was around but still.

Body: clean
Skirt: on
Magic: Red
It's catgirl time

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