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As an intro for the local timeline, I'm Savrin, podcaster, convention lifer, former convention chairman, occasional streamer, rare YTer. Too online for my own health.

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Feeling incredibly frustrated with today

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Man I hate when that happens.

(Also "Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka is bad trash not fun trash)

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When Fuzz, Ajax and I walked into Jasmines today everyone there paused and looked up a moment while we sat down. A trio of white guys walking into a Muslim owned and patronized restaurant and I’m like... yeah, honestly that’s fair.

Furry PSA

You're a fluffbutt and like to watch twitch streams OR stream yourself?

Then make sure to check out

It's a moderated list of fellow fluffbutts streaming on twitch right now :3

If you stream yourself then you can also apply to get featured on the site \o/

The closet gremlin has a gift for you

To not take, only throw.

I'm ok with it because this episode wasn't turning out great, but it's still a bummer.

Love to have audio recording fuck up due to old machine deciding to just not capture audio for several second chunks at a time.

I was roused by storms blowing in and when I went into my bathroom there was a little monster hiding in my closet

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