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Sent out a very nice email to my former employer saying I'm parting ways with them.

It took me a while to figure out how best to say it without getting pissed off.

Whoa it's super weird that the Super Best Friends are disbanding for personal reasons. But like it's hard to maintain this sort of relationship for almost a decade.

I wish them all the best, now in the meantime, I'm gonna stew in best friend nostalgia.

Idea for art.

Everyone's fursona being rolled up by a katamari as rolled by me.

Prince of all cosmos.

Computer Gaming World's Elliott Chin on Shadow Warrior's offensive racial humor (August 1997)

Hot Take:

I'm like a 4/10 on gayness, I'm not gay enough, need to be more gay.

Ubisoft at Unity: Making women characters is hard

Ubisoft at Odyssey: Not only is Kassandra the better of the two, she's also super bi, and is walking talking big dick energy

AC: Odyssey has that rad thing going where the MC is super gay and it rules.

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the best part of Christmas is all the macro reindeer everywhere

It's wild that the only information I can find out about DICE's union representation/collective bargaining agreement is one line on their job reqs and a throwaway sentence in a Polygon article.

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