I want Mr New Vegas to be at my side reassuring me at all times.

It has come to my attention from a sweetheart that Ubisoft is giving away AC Unity because of the fire at Notre Dame.

Also, did not play it though I'm sure their reconstruction of it is beautiful


Oh rad Dead Meat did a podcast episode on Trans representation in horror movies.

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Also thing I learned is that going rogue unlocks a whole other set of objectives in the Dark Zone.

Which is also very cool.

Alright, so I spent a bit of time just messing about in the Dark Zone, some folks around me went rogue and started attacking other players so myself and one other rando just fought against them and we had a lovely time~

and finally, have an obligatory snoutpost.

I'm super looking forward to getting to know you all! <3

Instead of talking about the designer suit, validate how cute my fursuit is please.

Rick is a poor knockoff of Grunkle Stan, and way less funny and effective.

Once I return from the pharmacy, I'll open up The Division 2 and just sorta wander around the city.

Excellent game just for taking in the surroundings.

Kotor 2 is so darn good, I love Kreia so gosh darn much she's amazing.

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