I have fitness ring that can summon an antagonistic fitness dragon at will.

Justin of course made one of the finest characters ever.

Can't sleep. Gotta finish the Adventure Zone Hootenanny

Always binging on that sweet sweet Supergreatfriend content!

Finally got the nerve to email my family's accountant to figure out all the stupid bullshit my dad is pulling.

And of course I P.S. with an important message of keeping the email on the down low.

Videos that are made to burst your eardrums are not fucking funny, have never been funny, and are a surefire way for me to block you and hate you forever.

Look, dinner with a French family is great because they know how to live*

*bread and cheese offered after a main course before the final course

*crowd gets curious*
*crowd gets anxious*
*crowd erupts in uproarious applause*

*sees post about not being valid without a big social media presence*

lol my brain decided to actually take a hit from that.

Hades Spoilerish 

RIP Scruffo

Befallen by being sleepy, is now sleeping. Hopefully in peace.

lol I'm extremely sleepy, someone help me fall asleep.

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