I've heard so much about these spambot dingdongs. I guess I'm not cool enough to see that!

Or I've got a hidden buff of avoiding dingdongs.

Yeah okay the Nintendo Direct was coo—GIVE ME THAT SCORBUNNY PLUSH. PLEASE

Watching Scrumdidlyumptious to wake myself up and get reasonably mad about the egg content of any given recipe.

Reading the character names for Kingdom Hearts and getting mad.

How it feels when you're just trying to have a good time but then you get hit with bad news constantly online

i made a version of that oreoreo meme with horsemen

I still have no idea what certification I should go for, I'm glad I'll be getting academic counselling but still, this isn't an easy choice!

Big anxiety about birdsite finding me and then cracking down on me.

Gonna enjoy Pride by jump kicking every mosquito that comes my way.

Always so happy when people you think are cool are in fact way cooler and nicer than you realize.

Catsworth is a lovely example. He's a sweetie.

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