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gender (mixed positive?) 

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get to know my fursona meme 

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I suppose I should do an introduction! 


The reason I look worse in photos than in person is because you're taking pictures of my tween frames

world development 

Asking for monetary help 

Money assistance asking, boosts ok 

i only accept apologies in the form of changed behavior

9/11, sincere 

Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it


i am #disabled in more ways than one, and i work on a farm. it’s hard but i love it. it unfortunately does not pay well (we are a non profit doing rescue work for #pigs) and capitalism exists as do my health issues (which are exacerbated by my work...)

my dog is also destructive as hell and costs me money almost daily with what she breaks

if you’d like to support you local #queer pig farmer pls consider doing so here

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