Butt and bulge 

Now that I have the ball rolling on these more, now's a great time to take a look at my Patreon! I'm going to be moving into some more ambitious projects soon, so the support will go a long way to help!


Me: *does a bunch of writing on his back porch in the middle of spring*
Also me: "Ugh, why are my allergies killing me so bad these last few days?"

GoT Spoilers 


I'm so hyped for the Sonic movie now. Y'all don't know, we're going to see this at the fancy theater with a full bar that brings drinks right to your seat. My roommate has already agreed he's responsible for carrying me out of the theater.

weight loss 


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NSFW furry art: boys in panties and cages 

New KH3-inspired art by Bastion. Holy hell do I dig this look!

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.@limni got a record player, so now I keep wanting to buy a bunch of albums on vinyl but FC is next week and every dollar I spend now if one I don't have for con ;-;

These caprese bruschettas I made for Christmas were hugely popular!

Drizzle Olive oil over sliced sourdough baguette
Toast until toasted
Apply a layer of sun-dried tomato spread
Place on a baguette-slice-size basil leaf (already tear to get it down to size, never cut)
Lay out two halves of a mozzarella ball
Drizzle with balsamic reduction
Sprinkle on some kosher salt and pepper pepper pepper.

All in all, took maybe 15 minutes to put together!

Just noticed the typo.
"Cut a hole in the bottom and a hole in the front eye."

And now we've gotten the deed to a mansion. A haunted mansion. We're gonna turn it into a b&b. And we've talked the ghost haunting it into running the bar. We have a tavern with a ghost host!

How to infiltrate the Xanathar, with Gil the Wizard:
Purchase oversized Beholder plushie.
Cut a hole in the bottom front eye.
Shove the party Halfling into it to wear it as a disguise.
Walk up to the Xanathar's hideout and knock on the door.
"Hi there! My son here, he sure loves Beholders and just wants to meet more fans!"
Get led to where a mind flayer is torturing the missing person you're looking for.
Somehow bullshit your way past a goddamn mind flayer at lv2 and escape!
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