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Hmmmmmm, thinking about kobolds that live in colonies, similar to ants+termites.

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Finished 10$ Sketches! These were for @rhess !

DM if youd like one of your own! Quick turnaround!

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Hollywood really needs to stop trying to re-invent the furry wheel.

There's so many talented artists they could consult with.

Not to Flex or anything, but we've been improving the Furry Look for decades.

my ipad not having an audio jack is literally the most frustrating thing about my workflow

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Two recent 10$ sketches! These are still open, DM if you are interested!
I’m doing a new thing where i give them a little background/frame!

These were for @rhess !

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Furaffinity being down is really cramping my style right now

(Cramping my style=literally preventing me from doing my job)

*sadly bleats at insurmountable 3 foot tall fence

Think I might make a pronghorn fursona

They dont know how to jump and honestly, me too

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I'm selling bust sketches for only 10$ USD! Our windshield has a big crack in it, and we need to save up some scratch to have it replaced.

Super quick turnaround time! Usually within 24 hours!

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10$ Sketch Commission for @Fennel !

These are open! super quick turnaround time.

Made a sort of vent thing of my sona! (Havnt done that in,, a long ass time)

This is just the sketch, it's going to be cool when I'm done. Might make it a phone case for myself?

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