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I'm Shugo (they/them), an enby sergal that draws and gets sad a lot 🧀 💦

Check out my art! 🎨 ✨

Consider buying me a coffee if it brought you joy~ ☕ ❤️

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Hey, you play on ?

You a queer furry, or at least extremely cool with both of those concepts?

I run the [] clan there for folks looking to chat or enjoy fully-researched gear labs! Message me here or in-game at ShugoWah to join.

Also any third-person or first-person gun shooting on Switch (*especially* a Switch exclusive) that doesn't have motion aiming is instantly like "nope, go back, put it in"

The res stays sharp the whole time so there's no dynamic adjustment in play so they theoretically have plenty of stuff they could do to address this

Just... seems like "smooth to play" should've been a priority in this first impression with the Switch-owning public

I mean I get that it's a prototype meant for feedback, but it's hard to focus on any granular specific stuff when the most pressing issue is "this sub-20 fps feels like shit in this fast difficult action game"

So apparently Crackdown 3 has *nothing* to do with that ~POWERED BY THE CLOUD~ destruction tech demo they showed like 20 years ago

Imagine how many years earlier we could've had this game if they hadn't gone on that ridiculous lark, of which nothing was kept

One of vinny's recent Things is doing impressions of Jay Leno interviewing Adam Sandler and it just fucking murders me every time

@ShugoWah and iirc it's a tankbuster, so u have no choice but to..... eat it...........

I've forgotten about it for a like a week since I came back to the game but the water-themed boss of the second 24man of 4.x has a fucking move called "Tide Pod" in the english translation and it makes my eyes bug out every time I see it

oh shit I just unveiled a super-rare from Heaven-on-High, a new hairstyle

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(my MSQ roulette queue gets cancelled for the fourth time in a row)

why are u running. WHY ARE U RUNNING

man I really miss Ishgard zone

Sea of Clouds and Azys Lla and Churning Mists are still so pretty

I mean for the record I'm just nitpicking on one weird annoying thing in an otherwise stellar game, I'm not trying to to say it ruined it or anything

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