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I'm Shugo (they/them), an enby sergal that draws and gets sad a lot 🧀 💦

Check out my art! 🎨 ✨

Consider buying me a coffee if it brought you joy~ ☕ ❤️

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Hey, you play on ?

You a queer furry, or at least extremely cool with both of those concepts?

I run the [] clan there for folks looking to chat or enjoy fully-researched gear labs! Message me here or in-game at ShugoWah to join.

here's 45 extremely interesting minutes discussing the revealed PS5 specs and the implications on gaming as a whole in the next generation

as you try for the 37th time to download joker tonight, remember that you paid Nintendo $20 for a year of access to this service

i'm tired so i'm drawing my fursona being tired instead of going to sleep

i'm a genius

hoo boy if you thought reggie fils-aimé was a magnet for humanizing a multi-billion dollar CEO through millions and millions of rabid fawning parasocial relationships, just wait until nintendo puts a dude in the chair literally named "bowser"

vaguely horny, pokémon Show more

a lucario climbing the shelves at the supermarket to reach the top shelf chocolate, knocking over literally everything

the minimum wage for pretending to be a pokemon online should be at least $20

Ballas, designing Nezha: 👀💦💦

Lab tech, taking notes: 👀💦💦💦💦💦

yeah can I get this Nova ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ 🅱oneless

I just realized *right* now that the reason our ship's 3D printer can make Warframes is because Helminth gives us meat

thanks, meat

I like that every more-than-average invested player just kind of has to hand wave the lore implications of Valkyr Prime

Valkyr's current-day power set is based totally around being mutilated and full of rage from Alad V's experiments

why is Valkyr Prime angry

In hindsight I never really noticed how overwhelming brown PoE was

Like it was pretty and had nice lighting, but the whole thing was just patches of yellow grass and brown bare dirt

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