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@Duende oh a new lucario on the instance! welcome to snouts (squints at nametag) ...........duende

as we sit and remember the Good Video Games on this, our holy day, remember to also consider the Bad Video Games

hey, here's a really good report from one of the most diehard looks-at-the-bright-side Fallout fans I know of, about how increasingly insidious and dishonest Fallout 76's online store has gotten since launch, haha

In part this song is about them dumping their label and going indie, which is fucking rad beyond belief

we're taking some of Little Dark Age's edge back to Congratulations' psychedelics

oh this album has so much promise

oooh I just counted it and I need exactly 12 more tiles, which is the amount it's sold in, dope

I might buy another set later and extend it the whole length of my desk and one more row upward so it looks a little better, haha

here's a neat cheap project I just did:

My desk space has some extremely unfortunate acoustics. Fan noise bounces off my very thinly carpeted floor, up the wall at the back of my desk and towards me when it hits the sloped ceiling, so I'm giving this a shot

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