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so me and @ShugoWah were wondering what happens in HL:Alyx if you run out of ammo but you have to shoot a padlock

in about 20 minutes of testing, i have both found how the game avoids that and immediately abused it to make an infinite ammo trick

like. what the fuck. half life is back and it was WORTH a 13 year wait, and more. what the fuck

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I beat it about 10 hours ago and I was sweaty and shaky and breathless and on the verge of tears, and several times since then today just thinking about the ending has almost made me start crying again

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it's frankly revolutionary. I will never think about games the same way

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hey sorry I haven't been tooting much but I just wanted to drop by and say that Half Life: Alyx is one of the best games I have ever played in my life

finding and supporting Powerful Theys will give me the life force required to survive 2020

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Dorian fuckin rocks and I'm really glad I just happened to decide to get into Flamboyant yesterday

I think its biggest shortcoming is that it's based on screen information in the depth buffer so it has no awareness of volumetric lighting, but it's still a lot of fun to mess with

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but! you can just turn off your game's native AO solution and use this, since they're both screenspace anyway

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it's SO expensive, it immediately kicks me from 50% GPU usage to maxed out, haha

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I was in Eulmore waiting for a party finder to fill and a Lalafell ran up to me and gave me a boiled egg

literally every other job mentor when you reconvene with them at lv80: "ah master Shugo Wah, please regale me with tales of your journey to another world"

Oboro: "yeah yeah that's cool w/e, move gay boy I'm bouta get it"

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