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oh christ the Flame Rings stack

I can do 400-500 damage for the cost of 18 mana

200+ favs in one evening

y'all like lucario

this is totally serious btw I opened up @akemi's ref sheet and said "oh my god LOOK at this Chubby Pubby" and went ;w; in real life for ten minutes

me getting distracted when I go to start a commission of a lucario character so I open the ref sheet and they're extremely cute

Gab has two known domains at the moment: and

So admins, go ahead and preemptively de-federate with those domains!

#VulpineClub instance block notification:

We've preemptively blocked and from federating with our instance.

I could write a pithy speech here about why it's important to protect our users from the harassment that's sure to be spewing from that site, but really, I think I'll just be succint:

Fuck off, Nazis.

- with love and :fox:, @tastymochafox

h-hey I sure wish physical monitor calibration devices were not hundreds of dollars

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