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just got asked my pronouns at a trucker-ass gas station by a dude in a ford truck baseball cap

it's the future yall

literally slapping my face and pumping my arms and hootin "ART ART ART" to make myself get up and get my tablet

honestly call me whatever fuckin gender u want as long as you say it condescendingly and put “who’s a good” before it

tests are showing horny levels at 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

sorry if this is kinda tacky but here's a twitter thread where I talk about a cool reflection rendering technique in UE4 that I like with video examples, haha

okay my cool PC case thing got to my city tonight and I'm definitely getting it tomorrow BARKBARKBARKBARK

i took the day off work and drove around to every single GameStop, handing one employee a list of the games i wanted while another processed the trade-ins

i preordered a game at every single store to help the metrics of the employees who helped me (and to end the occasional “why are you buying the same games you’re trading in” questions)

by the end of the day i had around $1900 in GameStop credit and the next day i was permanently banned from ever trading in a game at GameStop again

I'm not saying DE doesn't occasionally put out a frame/weapon that's a stinker, it's not even a very rare occurrence

but goddamn so much more of this game is fun and viable than the average player thinks

most of the people that play just hate playing the actual game, and they deserve the shitty version of this game in their heads where only 4 frames in the whole game are worth using because they delete entire maps-worth of enemies with one key press

players in region chat in october 2019 the year of our lord: baruuk is just bad :/ just wasn't really tested or thought out ;/ waste of a frame slot :/ mastery fodder ://

me getting top kills/top damage/least taken in every sortie step I've played in the last year:

damb 11.25 to see a movie? maybe jokerman is right, this whole shit is twisted upside down..

oh god my PC case decoration I talked about is FINALLY in the states and should be here within a couple days barkbarkbark

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