it is SO surreal to see PS1 games where the world isn't shimmering and shaking apart, god

it's 2018 and we live in a world where every single PS1 game got a PC port

This is such a huge, monumental game-changing improvement to PS1 emulation that I was looking forward to for years and it just happened like a year and a half ago and I missed it, haha

Look at Ridge Racer Type 4 with perspective-correct textures y'all it's beautiful

every PS1 game with floating point vertexes applied to it just becomes an early PS2 game, haha

here's the very first "twin stick FPS" ever created, running with proper vertex math and textures, played with a mouse and keyboard

emulation is WILD

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Alien Resurrection is one of my favorite formative gaming stories, where several publications tried what would become the defacto way to control FPSs with a controller forever and said "this is terrible"

"what if the left stick controlled your legs and the right stick controlled your head"

"that's bullshit and it'll never catch on"

@ShugoWah these controls make too much sense, BURN THE HERETIC

@ShugoWah it sounds so *bizarre* when you say it like that

@ShugoWah what a foot-in-mouth statement this turned into huh

@ShugoWah what would they have considered sensible, then?

@Felthry Most FPS at the time were doing stuff like.

Move back and forward and turn with left stick/dpad, strafe with the right stick or shoulder buttons or something

@Felthry Or like hold a shoulder button to strafe with the left stick

@ShugoWah @Felthry listen do you remember when you could control goldeneye with fucking like... two n64 controllers, one in each hand

@Felthry @ShugoWah it’s a control option in the game, and it was as ridiculous at the time as it sounds. It was in some sense “twin stick” although i don’t think it really worked the way we think of twin stick control now

@poss_bot @Felthry Oh yeah it totally did, legs on the left stick, head on the right stick, left controller shoulder to aim, right controller shoulder to fire

@ShugoWah @Felthry oh cool ok! I couldn’t remember. At the TIME it felt so ridiculous to me, haha

@poss_bot @ShugoWah @Felthry Possibly because the N64 controller is like the second biggest controller ever after the X Box original and with a rumble pack or a memory card is like 3000 pounds in each hand.

@DamienGranz @poss_bot @ShugoWah Pretty sure the Wii U gamepad makes it the third biggest now, to be overly nitpicky.

@Felthry @poss_bot @ShugoWah I guess that feels cheating, like saying that a keyboard is the biggest controller because I can control a game on it, hah, but I get you. It was meant to be in jest either way.

@ShugoWah Remember similar with Turok on N64, which is basically the same except with C Buttons, and everybody being upset it wasn't the 'Goldeneye' method where you can only walk and look in exactly one direction at a time ever.

@ShugoWah Not saying I didn't have a ton of fun with that game and Perfect Dark for their flaws, but yeah that control scheme is dated and good to be done with.

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