participated in more Doodle and I think I'm getting it back

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god the first few days of getting back in are such hand torture

me poor paws

far warning that I'll be posting/rting my art here pretty often if I can actually keep pace and sell commissions again

most of it's probably gonna be nsfw, furry/pokemon in nature, always CWd of course. you can look for (or mute if you want, no pressure) in those posts

mastodon: 1/4 the userbase, 3x the people that actually care and interact with your art. it's real

@ShugoWah ahh you're getting back into art! that's good to see, always liked your art


hey how did you get the verified website working with your twitter?


also I'm 99% I followed you at one point but I must've missed when you moved instances or something

@malevolent_usb_drive ah, so whenever you edit and save your mastodon profile, it checks at that moment whether or not a link to your mastodon profile is in the website text field of your twitter profile

So you can do that on your twitter, edit and save your masto, check to see that it's verified, and then change your twitter's website link back to w/e


ahh I thought it had to have the attribute rel = "me" in the HTML but I guess not

@malevolent_usb_drive I think that allows you to verify *any* website (so like a blog or website or w/e), as for twitter it just worked to have a simple link to my profile in the website box. probably a special case for twitter

@ShugoWah when im in a better financial state and you feel comfortable w commissions, im gonna get you to draw my dawn lycanroc probably and torracat one day :eyes_fast:

@ShugoWah im SUPER PROUD of you for getting back on the horse with art. Ive never actually seen any in the time Ive known you. Nothing new anyway. Which is perfectly valid and understandable! But now Ive got something new to look forward to haha :trans_heart:

@ShugoWah Oh heck yeah, give us that Shugo drawn art :3

@ShugoWah glad to see you getting back into it! I'll commission ya someday <3

nsfw, pokémon smut Show more

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