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Ko-fi is now following suit and utterly and completely cracking down on adult content

DO NOT say suggestive/adult things in the comment fields of your PayPal/Ko-fi transactions

DO NOT directly, publicly link your PayPal/Ko-fi identities in your adult-oriented art posts

DO NOT keep a lot of money in your PayPal account. Transfer it to your bank often, where they can't seize it and take it from you

Artists and commissioners use good judgement, it's a balancing act from both sides

Finally taking a good look at

PayPal/Ko-fi's cut on a $24 transaction is $1 (processing fees)'s cut would be around $2.32 with a free account (processing+site fees), and $1.12 with a $10/m pro account (just processing fees)

That's honestly enticing for an independat service that cares about helping artists make money, hosts commission-taking tools, and protects NSFW artists' interests

@ShugoWah this actually isn't new. it's been like this for almost a year

but yeah, it sucks

@ShugoWah “links from external sites”

…how do they even verify ownership there?

@flussence @ShugoWah educated guessing most likely, I can imaging it's mostly deterrent and they'd contact you beforehand

really a lot of this could just them trying to appease paypal, enforcement is an entirely different matter

@flussence @ShugoWah I don't think a company like paypal would care, they'd just go straight to executioner mode and sieze all your funds.

Unfortunately, the deck is stacked so that you have to fight uphill to prove your innocence.

@ShugoWah This is tickling down from payment processors. They were probably given a choice at some point. When I worked at a site you may use that allows adult content we had a paypal rep switch between different modes of threatening constantly (and we weaselled out of it with "it's art what do you expect" over and over)

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God damn it... I was just thinking nabout moving to Kofi too.

@ShugoWah they also protect deadnames, but I wont do it because you can't take the money until the moment you're ready to draw, there's too much pressure and its not good for people who like to do commissions in batches (like me)

@roxy You can switch payment to On Project Completion, if that helps

@ShugoWah nah because then they'll run away with the money and the commission

I want cash up front or I dont want to waste my time

@ShugoWah I've actually had people get on me too for that, like "Why do you want the cash if you're not doing it right away" but like 300-400 commissions later I'm guessing that my method works for me haha

@ShugoWah Another positive for run by furries.

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