the super FX chip is just Magic Fun Game Juice, they all look and feel like shit and they're *still* a joy to play

@ShugoWah why the hell does this game look like one of those shitty 3d movie makers im losing my god damn mind

@ShugoWah Im Aware but I never made the connection until now

@ShugoWah honestly a lot of games are just so focused on pushing the graphics, and I used to think that with my art like "wow I gotta really do some complex shit"

But honestly? That wicked vaporwave menu shield cat has that everyone is losing their mind over?

It's just a background with a sin wavy effect, the sun is a sprite, the stars are particles, and the grid is just a sprite that's stretched at the bottom

The border is just a bit of vertex manipulation, it's all real simple stuff

@ShugoWah a few times I did try to do something fancier with math like the gradient background and then I was like, the lines are modified horizontal for the wavy effect and the gradient is horizontal, I can just draw it on the background in GIMP

There's so much less going on then it seems and that's how these old games really are, cryptic tricks that you find out the secrets to and it's like "that's it?"

@ShugoWah and that's my point with stunt race fx

The water is just a background, but a few polys give the illusion of rocks on the ocean floor

The way the few polys are shaped give you the illusion of a tunnel, without it actually having to draw one

@ShugoWah it's very simple in its execution but the effect is incredible and inspirational but now I'm going to sleep haha

@ShugoWah I unironically love the Super FX chip's brand of low poly, it's such a look. Still waiting for someone to mod this game so that the game speed actually compensates for overclocking

@Lollie playing Stun Race or Star Fox at 30/60fps would be such a mindfuck

@ShugoWah Star Fox at 30fps looks slick as hell, though b/c the game logic is tied to framerate, it's immediately apparent that the game's basically just running at double-speed. Surprised that someone hasn't tackled SF yet.

@ShugoWah Suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia.

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