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Hi everyone, I'm Spirit! I'm new to Mastadon and slowly figuring all this out. Recently, I have been exploring the fandom! Aside from that, a few of my favourite things are reading, baking, exercising, and gaming! Welp, that's all from me for now. Happy travels, all! ❀

At , I was that person walking around wearing a Vogmask. It made me self-conscious, but I was surprised people complimented me on it! Keep in mind, many folks have health concerns! If you see this mask, I'm not sick - it's a preventative measure!

There's been a lot of talk lately of viruses/con crud at events. Let me emphasize: paper surgical masks offer minimal protection! Get yourself an N95 mask, such as Vogmasks. Bring Purell, wash your hands. You'll be okay! Have fun out there! ❀

Which included Razzy (@/Twilight_Saint)! Ironically, Sniper was the first fursuiter I saw online when getting into the fandom who made me excited to jump in! I played with him as Razzy the other night and didn't even know it was him until AFTER. 😳

Heading home from . What an amazing weekend! ❀ This was my first fur con after being "in" the fandom just 1 year. Wishing it didn't have to end - I was getting so emotional yesterday... alas, real life calls me back.
I REALLY enjoyed getting to fluff around with Jetty (@/GoldenDruid). We're the only two @/SchneeCreations suiters in the US; so we HAD to meet up. ❀ I'm still learning to perform - so it was a treat to interact with those with such great talent! (1/2)

Just got back from the fursuit walk ! I am having a BLAST and meeting so many folks. ❀ Went to the Fedivurse meet earlier and I was surprised to see so many there!

I forgot to post this amazing badge I had made by SesameMilk! The entire commission process went smoothly with lots of updates and the finished product came out beautifully! My favorite part is the glitter in the butterflies/Spirit's eyes ❀ It was a nice surprise!

I've seen a post going around about everyone's traumatizing childhood movies.

What about traumatizing BOOKS you read as a child? Anyone?

For me, my first thought is Vulpes. Not a happy ending story.

Considering going out to ANE tomorrow night vs. Friday morning, is it really worth it? We've already registered online, but if going sooner saves us a couple hours in line..

Hi I have been busy as hell and need to be on here more!!!!!

For those who dig adopts and custom characters I have a custom Weather Fennec auction that is live until the 25th! Currently it only has 1 (one) bid too!

Auction link

Feel free to email bids too to [email protected] too if you do not have or use FA. Twitter DMs and Telegram PMs work too @ NightlineZ

friendly reminder that if you’re attending you can use this app to check the schedule and stuff :3

@SolKitty and I are packing for and saw the paper crown we used for our wedding. Thought, "Oh! This will look amazing on Spirit!" She precious. :blobcatheart:

Attending ? Want to meet some of your favorite fedi friends?

Join us in Panel Room 3 on Saturday at 10a for the official FURRY FEDI MEET & GREET! Also check out this sick poster I designed for it :3

Quick Newbie Guide For #MastoMonday:

- Caption your images. It doesn't have to be detailed, but any caption at all would make it easier for people who use screen readers.

- CW things. Err on the side of caution. It's better for someone to find out the content isn't as bad as the CW made them think than the other way around.

- One thing you absolutely should CW is a post with a lot of emojis: it won't make sense for someone using a screen reader, but it would be very annoying to them.

- Pick an instance that aligns with your interest, especially if you're queer or a POC. These instances would be more aggressive in banning people and instances that may harass you.

- Interact. Many people here aren't interested in gathering a huge following and won't follow back just because you faved or boosted something they posted.

- Be nice. If you act here like you'd on Twatter or FaceCrook, you'd either find it to be not much better, or you'd get blocked by everyone quickly, probably both.

Hello! My name is Leor, a skullcat. Sometimes, I does silly things with my wife's toucan raptor mask of Tiktak. ^_^

I keep getting all these fantastic ideas to start sewing and then one day create my own furry business out of it.. I feel like I'm going crazy, but I have so many fun projects/ideas! I really need to just plan out my time and start pushing for this. Maybe it's not such a bad idea.. :blobcatuwu:

Arg, the constant dilemma. I have so many great books from the library I need to read - yet so many awesome TV series swallow up my time.

I'm getting ready for ANE this weekend! Happy folks ❀ Here's how to find me! My new toucan raptor mask may make an appearance, as well.
βœ‚οΈ by SchneePardi Creations and MothSicle Suits

I also updated my, "An Incomplete Guide to Getting Started on Mastodon" post. I'm hoping to turn it into a full guide that could be shared with new users with more examples and tips. If anyone has anything to suggest, lmk!

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