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I’m Cal! Lvl 28>29 Jaguar from Tennessee. I love race cars, sports, video games, and a smattering of other dorky stuff. Also an actor sometimes. I shitpost a lot. Bi as heck, kinky as heck as well, but always caring and loving towards others.

Find me at FWA 2019! I’m friendly, if a bit shy! PM me for my Telegram if you want it. :v

Arts by: raf_mandwolf, @Inazuma, @Marzimaned, notKoze

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Hello new Snouts!

I'm Cal, your adorable blue jaguar friend.

I love race cars, video games, writing, sports, pro rasslin', and spreading positivity wherever and whenever I can.

Do no harm, take no shit is my life's motto.

I'll be at Anthro Southeast next month and FWA in May!!!

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Hi! My name is Cal!

I'm a blue-furred, indigo-haired, black-nosed jaguar! I live in Chattanooga, TN!

28 years old (29 in december), mostly male (he/him and they/them)!

I love race cars including Super GT, F1, IndyCar - in fact I even write about Super GT World in the humanspace!

I also love video games, podcasts, pro wrestling, traditional sports, cars, coffee, and hanging out with friends!

My next cons are AnthroSE 2018 & FWA 2019!


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crazy that the netherlands tried winning eurovision this year with this

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Inside of you is two wolves, one of them is a twink and the other is huge and they're on a date now they're making out now theyre

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before Telegram goes back up

anyone wanna admit they have a crush on me

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world of coca-cola has this sweet JP market vending machine

top row is hot drinks!!

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