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fursona art thread, sfw 

me: defeats the boss and collects all of the loot that drops
the rest of the people at my workplace: :pika_surprise:

There are two (2) duende’s and they are both HORNY

I just hooked up with this girland she asked me to grab her chapstick and I noticed it was burts bees and all I could think about was that time people here said burt fucks the bees and then without thinking i said "hey did you know burt fucks the bees?" please help

horny, hyper, size theft 

fundraising for partner, update, links 


NSFW, Ovi 

Colonel, this is Snake. I'm trying to infiltrate this facility, but this goose keeps following me and honking loudly at pure random.

T-posing as I float gently away from everything that ties me to this physical plane

zelda fans, every time a new zelda game comes out: this doesnt feel like a zelda game

zelda fans, years after a zelda game comes out: oh yeah that was the best one


Episode 12! It's about those beautiful Sanderson Sisters--that's right, it's Hocus Pocus time! Come enjoy this extremely good movie again.

As always, please also rate and review us if you get a chance!

And if you listen on Apple/iTunes, for some reason it hasn't uploaded the episode, but Hayden will be fixing that this evening. It has uploaded on all the other podcast apps, tho!

porn, WIP 

I got this really nice BEASTARS commission today. Source in the replies.

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