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You see that shit that’s a spring ass lookin day and it’s not bitter cold

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I swear im not dead I've just been doing a lot of life stuff and finishing my school semester and its been a l o t of busywork between that and work and trying to draw while also not going insane

putting a skirt on removes my power inhibitors, you are all doomed,

Yugioh is for nerds but I tend to love the nerds who grew up with yugioh because I grew up playing it badly too

unless they take it too seriously then it's a big ol yikies (not necessarily playing it competitively ofc, that's fine, but making it their life I mean)

played runescape a little bit again for the first time in a while, that was some good stuff.

Fun fact I changed the lowercase 'L' in my name to an uppercase 'I' today too for the meme

I apologize. I have not been truthful with you all. I am not actually Todd Howard. I am sorry for deceiving you.

I really like this place I’ve just been really tired and busy just if there was ever any doubt

Who is the fool
The fool, or the fool who follows them

To beat the holiday boss you have to fool April (lvl 99)

Played risk of rain 2 with a friend all day and honestly a very good decision and I really wanna unlock one of the new classes in particular

Trying out pokemon explorers of sky and it's real gd good so far

Really excited for this nonstopworld in next weekend, thinkin it'll be real tight

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