oh yeah, guess i should post this here?

Finally got around to drawing my girlfriend @Bisexuhell 's cute sona Rin ;w; quick sketch but hey, it's art!

Lov u Hope ;w;

Look, shawls! Here's two of the three I've made; these two are the same pattern. The black and white one was for my mum, but the trans pride colour one is mine ;w; They're both pineapple peacock shawls, and they took well over a day and a half combined to make ;__; worth it tho They're wider than my armspan and about 3 feet deep! I might make something similar in the future.

As of writing im wearing mine -w- its so cosy

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hey snouts check out this fucked up sound I made it sounds like what getting electrocuted feels like

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Hey! Gimme a pride flag! (Just not bi or ace, I've used those already)

mostly looking for sexuality flags but heck yeah trans pride! ill def be including that no worries. Multiple of the same is fine, lets me gauge which yall are clamouring for the most! (This is for a secret craft project, not looking to 'judge' anything or crappy ideas like that dw)

Hey! Gimme a pride flag! (Just not bi or ace, I've used those already)

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Scolipede is my favourite pokemon ;w; Such a good bug! This is my oc Rustle, aka mamabug. She runs a farm and is a big fat honkin lesbian with a giant plant. Go figure.

One type of commission I do a lot of are Smols! They're chibis with distinct eye shapes~ They're a good blend of simple anatomy and detailed lines, I think.

alright, thanks guys. i dont mean to forget, i just know i will at some point and losing quite a few hours worth of boosts would suck ;_;

so uh real question, do i have to describe every image? am i gunna get slammed for forgetting? i wouldnt be so worried if i could edit my dang posts... i hit sent very quickly and its not great

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Fun fact; my sona is a shapeshifter. Though they're usually bipedal and 5 foot (ish), their base form is about 13 feet high and a taur. What they gain in size they lose in sense though ^^; they're amazingly dumb. Loving, though!

Despite looks, bird man is not free chicken. Do not nom.

oops, forgot image descriptions on that last one! ill fix that when i get home aa sorry

Here's some art of my two main babs! They're incredibly important to me so I tend to buy a lot lol.

Artist credits (note, some may be out of date as these were commissioned years ago):

mastodon: makes a noise at me
me: o?
mastodon: >last notification was 8 minutes ago
me: what do u want from me ;a;

So uh.. crochet! Been crocheting for about a year now thanks to some friends. I mostly make amigurumis and gloves, though I've made 3 shawls and 2 scarves amongst other bits and bats. This Popplio is my first (and so far only) attempt at a pattern, and I think he turned out really well! I plan to make some more patterns but for now I've been heckin busy with uni stuff so not much time

So uh what would yall like to see first from me, crochet or art? I know I can do both but I don't want to spam

Also how do hashtags work

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