aw beans i bought safety eyes and bobbins near uni and i friggen lost em on the way home :c That's a bummer

Last bit of art for now ;w; A lil gift for a friend's birthday, feat my genderless Meowstic sona Kosis and her Skitty/Swablu hybrid, Skiblu~

A site I like (Pokefarm Q) recently made a mega Scolipede and I've never been happier

Spider character design, not realistic but still 

Wow, been quiet on here. Sorry about that! Trying my luck with more art, since I can't post elsewhere. This is a sona I designed for someone <3
>blows off the dust ;-;

weight gain, fetish art, overeating 

Spud booped

hey snouts! I just got a whole bunch of fake pokemon games/romhacks, and was gunna liveblog some of them. Help me choose which to liveblog! (And if you pick moemon god help me ill strike you down but i mean you do you xD)


It's a liiittle late but I drew @Bisexuhell 's sona Rin for her birthday ;w; It's also season so included some flags~

I love you ;w; you goof~

Spud booped

Sword/Shield Spoilers, swearing, caps lock 

Sword/Shield Spoilers, swearing, caps lock 

Hey hey, doing an art stream! working on some way overdue comms oof. feel free to come along! (warning, stream contains fetish material, sfw but still)

hey, i live! sorry for dropping off the face of the earth, had some irl stuff come up... almost done with my uni stuff now though! two more days! after that i plan to stream p much every day if i can, or at least a few times a week. If you'd want to watch, tell me what time works best for you c:
(PLEASE answer in British time, GMT!!!)

oh yeah, guess i should post this here?

Finally got around to drawing my girlfriend @Bisexuhell 's cute sona Rin ;w; quick sketch but hey, it's art!

Lov u Hope ;w;

Look, shawls! Here's two of the three I've made; these two are the same pattern. The black and white one was for my mum, but the trans pride colour one is mine ;w; They're both pineapple peacock shawls, and they took well over a day and a half combined to make ;__; worth it tho They're wider than my armspan and about 3 feet deep! I might make something similar in the future.

As of writing im wearing mine -w- its so cosy

Spud booped

hey snouts check out this fucked up sound I made it sounds like what getting electrocuted feels like

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