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Hi!!! I'm Kirune. I am:
♤ A gay as hell they/them type of person!
♡ In my mid 20s!
◇ A full time home healthcare worker with lifelong experience working with elderly, physically disabled, and developmentally disabled people. I put a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in this!
♧ A full time computer tech student! It's whatever!

You can catch me never using capital letters usually, being uncomfortably earnest, and eating sand. Also my hair is purple irl, so that's fun.

aint no party like a «soft.» treehouse party cause a «soft.» treehouse party has cats

it's basically a fantasy snuggie but idgaf it looks good as hell

The ONLY THING i want out of ffxiv at this point is a BIG classic white mage robe. Like to the floor, big and plush and cozy. That's one of the main things that draws me to WHM, thinking about that look.

Semi-early FFXIV Chill Stream for at least as long as it takes for me to finish my two cups of coffee. Super low-key rogue leveling, feel free to hang out.

i wanna go to Nara deer park!!!! somebody take meeee

my favorite thing in the world is going into ANY place in FFXIV and just saying "you're doing a great job, lesbians. keep it up" and seeing shout chat light up with queer love

absolutely wild to think that "i love you mr bubbs" is the pinnacle of human comedy and nothing to date has been able to top it

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absolutely wild that The Promised Neverland already gave us 2019's best OP of the year.

do i have to have switch online to play tetris 99 v:

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@SpookyBiscuits just now learning he wasn't a roofer but an HVAC guy fixing our air cooler. i cant even type rn lmao. it's a single story building so it wasn't like he was gonna die but i cAUGHT HIM OUT OF THE SKY

holy fuck one of the roofers at work fell and i fucking caught him. my adrenaline is sky fucking high right now. oh my god. it's a single story building but i fuckin caught the dude like a big heavy foul ball

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