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Hi!!! I'm Kirune. I am:
♤ A gay as hell they/them type of person!
♡ In my mid 20s!
◇ A full time home healthcare worker with lifelong experience working with elderly, physically disabled, and developmentally disabled people. I put a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in this!
♧ A full time computer tech student! It's whatever!

You can catch me never using capital letters usually, being uncomfortably earnest, and eating sand. Also my hair is purple irl, so that's fun.

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not sure if my hatred of seattle is jealousy or righteous annoyance at "seattle is so coo000ool" being rubbed in my nose constantly

Is it ? It is! Tell me some cool things about your fursona!

so! ffxiv has an upcoming Free World Transfer... If you're on snouts, you should transfer to Leviathan, and come join my queer af FC <3

my name kirune
i dont kno how
to pin the post
that i just made

my name kirune
i am reel smal
but leggy strong
and ear so tall

if u my friend
r lightin up
take me in hand
and use my butte


aint no party like a «soft.» treehouse party cause a «soft.» treehouse party has cats

it's basically a fantasy snuggie but idgaf it looks good as hell

The ONLY THING i want out of ffxiv at this point is a BIG classic white mage robe. Like to the floor, big and plush and cozy. That's one of the main things that draws me to WHM, thinking about that look.

Semi-early FFXIV Chill Stream for at least as long as it takes for me to finish my two cups of coffee. Super low-key rogue leveling, feel free to hang out.

i wanna go to Nara deer park!!!! somebody take meeee

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