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hi! i'm kirune! i'm...
♤ a gay as hell they/them type of person!
♡ physically disabled and in my late 20s!
◇ one of those folks with lots of characters. most often i'm kirune (tiny rabbit) or otto+iggi (a spaceworld beta girafarig!)
♧ a big nerd!

you can catch me on snouts being uncomfortably earnest, asking people about their characters, and shitposting! let's be friends!

imagining otto in a lil cafe apron that covers iggi and having a lil yell about it uwu

ooh buddy i can already tell im gonna hate seeing this, but i know it'll help me get back into 1-on-1 talkin

birdsite, Pride 

i know yall hate birdsite but there was an ffxiv Pride event tonight that was very very good and affirming and here are some good threads liveposting it

i assume the punishment is like when i hold my cat real tight and give him smooches on top of his head

savin up for a vr headset for VRChat. dont know which one works best, though...

retreating to my snouts hole after overdosing on twitter again ~w~

Nsfw anthro art, m solo 

Hopefully this piece by @torideer from last year is a good contribution to horny posting

i guess it's fitting that twitter, a website where people rehash and recycle and just plain steal old ideas over and over is owned by a man who does the exact same

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autism, tech 

it's very good that we love in an age where tech companies can just butt their way into autism research and make it into a eugenics thing

i'm always very impressed when i hear that a fur con offers pokérus testing.

who invented clothes and where can i cancel them for it

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