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Hi!!! I'm Kirune. I am:
♤ A gay as hell they/them type of person!
♡ In my mid 20s!
◇ A full time home healthcare worker with lifelong experience working with elderly, physically disabled, and developmentally disabled people. I put a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in this!
♧ A full time computer tech student! It's whatever!

You can catch me never using capital letters usually, being uncomfortably earnest, and eating sand. Also my hair is purple irl, so that's fun.

butt, horny wrestling Show more

struggling not to spam the snouts TL with 900 images of my perfect ronso

i love telling my dog she's a good baby, she gets so amped up like "whoaaaaoaoaoaooaoaooaoaao I'M THE GOOD BABY?????"

@masanbol yo, which data center are you guys on?
also @edgedestroys lmk when you're on and i'll invite you to that LS, i never seem to be on at the same time as you lol

@edgedestroys yo, we're startin up a cross-world linkshell for snouts folks. interested?

put me in ur pocket
that sounds really nice
i hope u dont mind
if i play ur phone device

i want to be tiny
i wanna be smol
i just wanna be
several inches tall

[TMNT theme song] chubby catboy pleasure palace
chubby catboy pleasure palace
chubby catboy pleasure palace

did pokchu seriously spend blfc wearing a hat with his own name on it lol

why all the anime drawers gotta make sure everybody pussy lips can be seen thru their pants. nobody got pussy lips visible thru denim except anime girls

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