what is this virus thing it's annoying

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I think I cut my hair too short I look so normal

I wonder how many other people at my new job are furries


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oh also this thing I mentioned a few days ago!! if you like plasma cutter and wanna bop a playlist I made of similar vibes to help train spotify's related artists algorithms so plasma cutter can be recommended to people that would be OUTRAGEOUSLY cool of you!! even if you just put the playlist on repeat and mute it while you go do something else lmao. I feel like I'm asking a lot but hhhh I just want something I've written to do well for once lol.


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oh btw y'all if you like plasma cutter and pop punk at some point if you don't mind HELPING ME WITH SOME CAPITALISM SOCIAL ENGINEERING BECAUSE UNFORTUNATELY I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SYSTEM TO A DEGREE TO SURVIVE IN IT, you have to train spotify's algorithms to know who to set as someone's related artists to help get music suggested to those artists' fans so I have a playlist I've been working on for that lol this sucks and is so dumb but what are u gonna do

at the rate i'm leveling my DRG i'll get him to 80 by Thursday or Friday. Then what job should I work on hmmm.

Yes I am currently tryna do the kugane jumping puzzle LOL

tbh i probable wouldn't have been able to get into masto if snouts.online didnt exist

i'm dying

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