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Curious Cat, AMA! 

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Just wanna let ya'll know that I'm locking my account just to make sure the folx who end up following me are good people.

If we've interacted a bit, feel free to follow and I will most likely accept it. Thanks in advance!

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Awkward Flirting 

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Dragon PSA

Please give all your local dragons pets. :dragnpats:

This has been a Dragon PSA


Late Night Food Adventures with Kai Squirrel 

Gaming (Link to the Past), Non-Spoiler Seed Request 

Gaming (Link to the Past), Result Spoilers! 

Gaming (Link to the Past Rando) 

kiiiiiiiinda seems like the trans girls are good, cute, and girls

Good morning!

Today I reminded myself that I use 'yeet' as common language unironically.

@hopesoftpaws This multiworld keysanity seed was incredibly rude to @Hopesoftpaws and I. Things such as my progression requiring her to dip Skull Woods early and my big key being in her pendant Turtle Rock. x_x

Thanks, though, to everyone who dropped by and hung out in chat!

Food Discourse 

I just found a website that sells nuts and now I'm imagining a squirrel opening a giant bay door to reveal an entire warehouse full of nuts.

Mount and Blade Series, but you're just a horse running around in a field.

Aka: Mount

Gaming (Planetside 2) 

Food, Strange? 

Food, Strange? 

guys!!!!!! drew my sona and it's SO GOOD THE TUM AAAA I DIE πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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