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Dragon PSA

Please give all your local dragons pets. :dragnpats:

This has been a Dragon PSA

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they told me I could become anything so i became a girl

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What's up, I'm gal flammie, and I'm traveling ALL OVER this country, looking for America's greatest

Pizzas, Peanuts, and... pppppppBananas.

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webmistress is 10000x more powerful than webmaster

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Live on stream! Picking up my Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) run from a while ago - we were looking for the Mana Spirits to enter the Mana Holyland and protect it from Death Jester!

We've only got a few more spirits to go! Come join me?

Playing the SLARPG demo when being out as trans to friends and to myself makes a world of difference in perspective. Suddenly, I feel really attached to the protagonist, Melody. I recommend taking an hour or so to play the demo:

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WIP. Calling it a night on this one. Going to try to finish it tomorrow.

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Evening folx coming online thinking about pizza... I ask you but one question.

What's your opinion on peanuts and bananas?

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@kandyelmo example—
> Tough Man: Drop that detonator, Power Brat!
> Power Brat: ...make me >:2c

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