just Boston things 

I'm the Guinness world record holder for talking about getting art with friends but never doing it


i'm never doing karaoke with straight people ever again


macro, butt stuff 

macro, butt stuff 

mh, social anxiety 

i bought 5 shares of funko pop as a joke 6 months ago and they've gone up 30% since

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Kink (vore), Vore Day 

vore day 

vore mention 



and then my fursona drives you home and makes you cocktails and you watch French films until you fall asleep on their tum

my fursona looking like a million bucks all gussied up in Givenchy, taking you to a Michelin star French restaurant with dishes with names you can't pronounce (they read the menu to you and help you order) and expensive wines (they figure out just the exact one you'd like) and fine linen tablecloths (they take their napkin n' wipe just a little bit of schmutz off your snout)

my fursona... but a fancy, suave boy :blobcatheartR: :blobcatheart:

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