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hey im sara/zhenya! im a gay polyam trans lady speedrunner (, podcaster (Henry Kissinger is Pokemon GOing to Die, Fearbaiting, The Wonder Yeerks), and tiger!

in addition to speedrunning i also just play a shitload of other games At All Times, and am a very casual fighting games player!

this account WILL be nsfw at times so 18+ only!!

good morning yall it is 12:01 AM august 3rd which means i am officially 25 slutty, slutty years old

my naked ass. like seriously do not click if you do not want to see my entire self naked 

i have some EXTREMELY good pictures of my gay ass to post later today. watch this spot

tigey titties 

what i really need to wake up rn is a cowboy to shoot a revolver at my feet, yelling at me to dance

i need more coffee but also i know ill sleep like shit if i have it this late in the day. the trials and tribulations of this modern life

hey!! my friend Sarah made me a fat-ass tail and it looks. so fucking good. heres a video of her modeling it im gonna scream

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macro, fat, hyper 

me: *doesnt post for almost two weeks*
me, returning: *posts this*

the scene where konakawa and paprika are talking about rules of film made me cry because thats literally just kon inserting himself and its somehow more of a self-insert than his actual literal self-insert character

i watched Paprika for the first time in years last night and i think it might be my favorite movie ever. im so fucking sad that satoshi kon is gone but im glad that he lives on so much through his work

good morning snoots........i had a very nice weekend and i do not want to be at work now!!!

oh hey has ffxiv fever swept snouts too. anyone else here on crystal

really just need to get my fursona as incineroar. i also need to get art of her cosplaying scorpia. i need a lot of art and im broke as fuck

take: there are female himbos, specifically not bimbos. im talking about women who are built like a truck and just about as smart as one. dumb as rocks and built like a fridge. these are without a doubt my favorite characters. and also me

definitely not thinking about my fursona as an incineroar. not thinking about it at all

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