I'd really like to eventually break more away from Twitter as my focal source of income and social appearance, its just such a draining site but Mastodon doesn't feel as much so??

@lyliawisteria I agree !! It has a lot of terrible choices and set ups that I feel def aggro users on each other.
It def does though, I prefer the atmosphere here by miles

@Ace Eyy!! <3 I've been kinda here, posting art n openings but I'm def trying to use it more socially too

And not much!! Sunk to RE2 hell I cant stop watching lets plays-

@TheShoujoPrince oh god I feel that!!! I need to play through Claire’s B-side to Leon’s A but it’s been a good time

@Ace I'm hoping to pick it up before the end of the month but just watching it has been really fun !!

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