HELLO EVERYONE, sorry I've been absent, a lot of sleeping health issues I've been dealing with have had me a lil scare online

BUT GOOD NEW: I have a cemented chibi style that I love working with !! <3

If youd like one please feel free to reply or DM me !! I'm taking them for just $15 right now !!

AND THE SECOND @MadokaMeowgica !!

Sorry if the markings are a bit off it was a toughie to do so small BUT SHES SO GORGEOUS

Heres a couple from various twitter clients as well ! <3

I only a batch of two for one person left but my migraines back so Ill be on the first thing tom, then opening a few more !!!

Hey so I have one icon slot open for an experimental style icon like one of these here !! <3 (I need to cover a teeny bill)

$15, comment or DM if youd like to claim !! Rts are ofc very appreciated !! <3

Sketch Com for a @Inazuma !!
They are very unhappy about the superbowl, but hey!
They have a great idea for how to stay warm while the cold keeps on comin!!!

So I need some extra cash bad, and I would LOVE to see them go to someone who would use them when I dont !!

Designed by 22MG !!
Comes w/ a ref and icon by them
You get full character rights and well as two other pieces of art !!

Rts appreciated!

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