So I need some extra cash bad, and I would LOVE to see them go to someone who would use them when I dont !!

Designed by 22MG !!
Comes w/ a ref and icon by them
You get full character rights and well as two other pieces of art !!

Rts appreciated!

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HEY Y'ALL so I got credit bills comin' up next month I'm a lil short on so I'm selling one of my under used OC !!
Her names Ripley, good Manticore bb who can kill you
She comes with 20+ art pieces, some NSFW (so 18+ only pls)
You get the characters and all right to her! She'll be all yours !
Serious offers only, I'm just gauging offers rn, at least over $10-$20 !

Shes got toyhouse to with all her art!:

Rts and bumps are so appreciated ;; <3

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