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Oh dang I posted a YCH on twitter and it got bought up before I could even cross post it !!

That feeling when you barely get what your partner is saying and you wish you could see what theyre playing but youre still havin a good time hearing them yell about it

Thats love right ??

Im havign a really dang good time just hearing my gf play and gush about KH3

Y'all I'm just so happy to hear them this overjoyed about something

I'm working as my partner starts KH3 I'm so happy for her !!!



I'm still debating if I'll be at FWA or not this year

Mainly cus I need a room and so does my ride RIP

I took the weekend as a break since I was feeling really emotionally off

Ill be working on doodle icons tomorrow and I should have them all done and sent out by the evening ! <3

I dont feel like I'mma have luck selling her but never hurts to try.

HEY Y'ALL so I got credit bills comin' up next month I'm a lil short on so I'm selling one of my under used OC !!
Her names Ripley, good Manticore bb who can kill you
She comes with 20+ art pieces, some NSFW (so 18+ only pls)
You get the characters and all right to her! She'll be all yours !
Serious offers only, I'm just gauging offers rn, at least over $10-$20 !

Shes got toyhouse to with all her art!:

Rts and bumps are so appreciated ;; <3

Ill post finish doodles later then when it feels like LETTING ME I GUESS

I'm trying to upload photos but uhhh, the site ain't lettin me rn FFFF

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