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β€œHey Doc, feeling kinda sad”

Doctor, in a low growl, β€œDo you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?”


Doctor, baring teeth β€œDo you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?”


β€œThen ask your Doctor if Lycanthropyℒ️ is right for you”

β€œYou are my doctor”

β€œLycanthropyℒ️ is right for you”

Thing people don't think about when going back in time: no ibuprofen

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Everyone assumes that just because I'm a BIRD I automatically Iove to yell, and they're RIGHT, I DO

@datastains and I did a really fun little one shot body horror ttrpg

You know it's a successful date when at the end of the night your girl says you're a deeply creepy all-consuming terror

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non-explicit nudity 

Sometimes, when the closest box takes moving to get to, you just have to make due with a bag

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Chest binders, exciting cool new thing (+++) 

Gettin' some sunshine during lunch like the lil plant I am

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run length encoding: there are up to 127 wolves inside you, provided they're identical

delta encoding: assuming the second wolf has few differences from the first wolf, frees up a lot of space: you could probably get some more similar wolves in there, or a smaller number of less similar dogs or coyotes

Huffman encoding: we broke the wolves down into parts, you can tell which is which because they don't start with the same bones, please do not lose this table of wolf reassembly instructions

New nickname for Jam (cat): Jammergaier

Yes I was looking at bearded vultures this fine morning

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Going to wear the super rad toucan friend @pawcelot got me at BLFC today~

Dearest friend of birb,

I've always loved you.

WE FIGHT AT DAWN. You shall not win.




YALL look what Haze got me!!!!! It's a wax seal of a QUAIL and brb I've gotta go write up some love letters/challenges to duels rn

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