NSFW male Pinup YCH 

A Cell shade commission I wrapped up today for Jay Stoat of his Ailur species, Dialah!

Ailurs are interesting creatures with no real difference between male and females of the species (Dialah is a female Ailur). They also have 2 thumbs and 4 fingers making a total of 6 digits per handpaw!

💚Sometimes a girl just needs to shop for a little happiness -^^- 💚(Or do a little personal art- or BOTH!! :D)

Whew! There's been a lot of enquiries about commissions lately!

If you'd like to be notified of my next opening or YCHes, consider joining my Telegram update channel: (link: t.me/toxidevyneart) t.me/toxidevyneart

I am currently close to finishing my current queue! I plan to take just a small break between this queue and the next lot of commissions to try and stave off burn out. In the meantime I'll still be posting up the occasional YCH :)

Thanks for the support!


Now Streaming on picarto! :D Working through some of the last of my commissions <3


Female, Any Species
AB comes with optional additional perks!
Ends (ADST) Monday 19th August (or if bought out!)
Other examples attached of finished colouring work:

Retro Space badge concept trial that I worked on over the weekend, needs some tweaks before I can consider doing them for commission.

Done in copics.

Hey! I’m new to Mastodon. It was recommended to me by some fellow artist friends. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I live for my art.

I concentrate exclusively on animals which means I’m usually doing some kind of wildlife art or pet portraits. Here’s a charcoal piece I did fairly recently called “Thy Fearful Symmetry”. I used a reference courtesy of Kaz Turner.

#wildlifeart #charcoal #tiger #tigerart #traditionalart #mastoart

My feelings are reflecting the current weather I think ;^;

I need a bit of sunshine please!!!!

Guns/Weapons Couple Sketch 

Houndom, Suggestive Female 

Took myself out to a cafe for work today :3 Working on a ref sheet commission for Kaz!

Streaming Live on Picarto!
Working on a beach pinup full detail illustration of Lutris Otter today!

Join me on picarto! : picarto.tv/ToxiArt

Mic is on :)

Male Swimsuit, Slight Bulge 

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