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>> 100 followers raffle <<

Thank you so much for following me 💛 Have a chance at some free art!!

Ends Nov 24th! Two winners will recieve sketchy colored chibis.

1) Follow
2) Boost this toot
3) Drop a reference in comments!

Ill be using random number generator for this. Gotta make some to boost & comment ref! Thank ye 👌

Like my art and would like to support me with cool rewards?? Check out my patreon! Wips, personal discord access, polls, discounts, first dibs on commissions, art rewards, and more each month!

Oh ya! These are full 🙌 thanks so much

Stickers set commission I've been workin on

But yes hi it's been a bit
I took a week and a half break to rest my wrist and then got back into the grind

4 slots left and these will be worked on starting tomorrow in stream!!!! YaLL ive been streaming almost daily

Im resting them today and im going to start doing stretches every day and wearing my brace to bed :/// i don't want worse problems

haha im so annoyed. my wrists have been in so much pain today and i can't draw without it bothering me and i have commissions i need to do UGH

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Commission for fizzysodawave @ birdsite!!

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It's been a while since I did a commission so here is one for Mika of her mouse/raccoon hybrid character!! Good to know I can still draw something besides Lance LOL

(I'm still not open so please don't ask)

Do yall care if I post NSFW here? I'll tag of course

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