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Thanks to a fairly newish Panic! at the Disco song I now have a new catchphrase

"Roll me like a blunt, cuz I wanna go home"

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I guess it's time for a new post now that I've moved here from to Snouts from @Tris_the_mouse

Hi everyone, I'm a nerdy 32yo trans mouse girl named Rowencia. I also go by Rowen, Ro, and Tris. The Tris nickname comes from the triskelle tattooed over my heart irl.

I'm happy to be a snout now and to get to know you all better 💜 feel free to say hi any time

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The skull beside me is who previously held that throne 🏴‍☠️

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Lmfao this cover came out in 20fucking19... I'm dying 😂🤣 it actually fucking bangs too which makes it even funnier

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🤩🤩🤩 my Switchblades by Gravilogic that I backed on kickstarter late last year arrived today. A few weeks after the expected fulfillment date but they were super transparent about the delays they had so no big deal. They look fantastic on my Switch and the stand function works great. I went with the solid hardwood in purpleheart and and I couldn't be more pleased

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I got My Time at Portia for the Switch and it's taking over my life 😅

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Hey y’all! The Stop ‘N Shop strike is entering day 3 and Stoppie is trying to bring in scabs — if you can get involved in a picket line and make some noise, now’s the time!!! Please see if you can get to one nearby in your state, there’s strength in numbers!!!

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