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Thanks to a fairly newish Panic! at the Disco song I now have a new catchphrase

"Roll me like a blunt, cuz I wanna go home"

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I guess it's time for a new post now that I've moved here from to Snouts from @Tris_the_mouse

Hi everyone, I'm a nerdy 32yo trans mouse girl named Rowencia. I also go by Rowen, Ro, and Tris. The Tris nickname comes from the triskelle tattooed over my heart irl.

I'm happy to be a snout now and to get to know you all better πŸ’œ feel free to say hi any time

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Blaring music with tears streaming down my face. It always helps reset my brain for a while

Cheese is stored in the mouse... Give mice cheese

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So I discovered something very silly tonight. I got a new charger for my phone and it's USB-C to Lightning, so I got curious and decided to plug these two together. Just charging my phone from my Switch, nbd πŸ˜‚

Hey @Violet did you see that the latest Spyro patch lets you turn off motion blur? I remember that was an issue for you when it came out

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