Pinned toot turns out there’s maybe a way to livestream directly from a 3DS???
I’ve been planning to do a replay of Y with a team of Pokémon that’ve “died” in previous Nuzlocke challenges. If I could figure out how to Twitch stream that, would anyone be interest in dropping in? Or maybe co-streaming?
At this point it’s just a thought, but I’d definitely be down to do it over the summer if there’s enough interest.

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Not that anything brought this on, but just as an aside, if anything I say/do oversteps any of your boundaries, you are ALWAYS allowed to tell me or distance yourself as you feel necessary.
Your personal comfort and wellbeing are important to me, and I don’t want anyone to feel as though they have to walk on eggshells or be a doormat in my presence.

It’s cool that it’s such a nice place to work and be outdoors and I get to do stuff like that, because the *people* here are transphobic as *fuuuuuck*

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EMERGENCY! I need help! Please read and spread the news. Fund Raising stream this Friday, June 14th, at 4pm EST for my lost items and consider getting some art! #fursuit #furryart #furry


This is a call to action!
A call to the Portland LGBTQ+ community as a whole.
A call to all allies, and people willing to stand up for real queer liberation that cannot exist under rainbow capitalism.
A call to everyone in #pdx who wants to make a difference this year. #pdxpride

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Director of FBI's Counterterrorism Division says on record that Black Lives Matter not only isn't a group on their radars, but also has ZERO (0) recorded cases of killing done by black activist groups. via @[email protected]

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I don’t fuckin know, somebody make this joke for me

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Reminder to tag your E3 spoilers and discussions (and thank you to those who are doing so appropriately), as some of us are still at work and can’t watch the show until much later today

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Quoth the raven, ur mom gay's choices:

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