Pinned snoot turns out there’s maybe a way to livestream directly from a 3DS???
I’ve been planning to do a replay of Y with a team of PokΓ©mon that’ve β€œdied” in previous Nuzlocke challenges. If I could figure out how to Twitch stream that, would anyone be interest in dropping in? Or maybe co-streaming?
At this point it’s just a thought, but I’d definitely be down to do it over the summer if there’s enough interest.

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Not that anything brought this on, but just as an aside, if anything I say/do oversteps any of your boundaries, you are ALWAYS allowed to tell me or distance yourself as you feel necessary.
Your personal comfort and wellbeing are important to me, and I don’t want anyone to feel as though they have to walk on eggshells or be a doormat in my presence.

Finished a comm for someone and want to show it off to others but wait until tomorrow to show them because cash money so showing here early

[SCIENTISTS]: "We're running out of water."

[NORMAL PERSON]: "We should probably stop using it in wasteful, unnecessary ways, like fracking."

[NEOLIBERALS]: "Let's raise its cost to discourage ppl from wasting it. We are geniuses."

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β€œOmg LOL! The Lonely Island just released a new song called β€˜Like A Boss!’ That’s so epic!”

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blowing everybody's mind by thinking that two things can be bad at the same time,, receiving the nobel prize

Me: Wow, I'm impressed that Breath of the Wild took so much inspiration from Northern European mythology--I guess you can even meet a norse god?
BotW: Uh, I think you must have misheard

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Power to you. Stripes of Pride updated with bi and aro versions, and a new pan version!


:heart_trans: :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: :heart_ace:

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