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Not that anything brought this on, but just as an aside, if anything I say/do oversteps any of your boundaries, you are ALWAYS allowed to tell me or distance yourself as you feel necessary.
Your personal comfort and wellbeing are important to me, and I don’t want anyone to feel as though they have to walk on eggshells or be a doormat in my presence.

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‪Finally picked up some reading for winter break🐶📕‬

‪I reeeaaallly need to get a pic of Oxley as a big caribou...‬

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I promise you, you won't lose any quality friendships for this. Any true friend will be understanding if you can't join in on the hype train.
And you're not a less exciting or less interesting person, either. Not all of us have to do or enjoy the same things--and that's okay.

You don't have to buy it, you don't have to be excited about it, and you certainly don't have to constantly talk about it.
If you're just not interested, that's okay! That's entirely valid--you don't have to have the same interests as everyone else.
And if you don't have a ton of time to spend on video games, that's okay too--that doesn't mean you're missing out on everything. Just like every other, the trend will continue for a while and die out, and something else will eventually replace it.

And while it may be exciting to people who are just big fans of the game, that can feel really overwhelming to other folks. Especially, for example, if you have anxiety. FOMO can be a huge burden to carry, especially if many of your friends are online.
So just in case you needed to hear it from someone else's mouth, allow me to be the one to "give you permission":
You don't have to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. light of a conversation I had with someone, I feel like it's important to address some stuff about the new Smash.
People are having a lot of fun with it so far--and that's great! But there's also a lot of peer pressure building up.
Whenever a big game like this comes out--ESPECIALLY as big as Smash--there's a lot of hype and excitement from fans. And it seems like that's the only thing that people talk about sometimes.
It can feel almost like you HAVE to join in the hype just to keep up.

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I am positive this is my favorite raccoon pic I own because it is five levels of ridiculous

Holy fuck, I didn't think I'd be a hardcore SonicFox fan until I learned he plays the piano too

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Furry art, SFW but intimate themes Show more

this pic is over 2 years old, but it's aged very well imo. Red Savarin from

I have an idea for a new furry convention.
We get a bunch of our friends together and all book rooms in a beach town somewhere on the same dates, and here's the big part: that's it. You can do whatever you want, you're at a beach town with your friends and their friends and y'all can just figure out what you wanna do, no pretense of registering or shit just the part where you're playing jackbox with pals with no fear of 'missing out on something'

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