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Fursona(s), art thread 

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Introduction post good and proper, selfie included 

Im probably going to take another hiatus from Masto. The more I’m here the more I realize it’s not healthy for me and just stresses me out leagues more than other social media sites do

shitpost with a hint of lewd 

Its not Christmas without the vaguely steamy Team Rocket and Pokemon rendition of The Christmas Song

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Anyway, here's Wonderwall
*slow riff on a bass guitar*

bad post 


Cat furries are cool because if they don’t get mad pussy they make up for it by BEING the mad pussy

My new fantasy tavern name is the Stinky Kiwi

Y’all be like dogs this paws that stupid expensive computer this weird niche indie act that when is time for the Lord

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Hey, #Witches, it's time to stop using #endangered #WhiteSage.

Between white people appropriating like crazy, and CA wildfires killing the plants and their entire ecosystems, it's time this plant ceased being everyone's go-to for magickal work.

"... Due to the illegal over-harvesting of Saliva apiana in recent years in combination with increased, devastating wild fires on White Sage lands in Southern California, concern for the commercialized harvesting and distribution of White Sage grows as the wild populations of this species shrink in size.

Many Native American communities are requesting at this time that non-native peoples stop harvesting this plant from the wild altogether. As Native Americans have been the caretakers of this plant and the lands it grows on for countless generations, it is important that everyone respect and honor their request."

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:baby_yoda: mommy i need the star wars cucumber
👩 Okay, wha-why? what does that have to do with anything star wars, honey?
:baby_yoda: ...Kylo Ren
👩 what now?
:baby_yoda: Kylo Ren
👩 Oh, that's nice honey.

Star Wars spin-off series that’s just hours of footage of Anakin Skywalker eating live bugs

It’s December 1st and time to defrost Michael Bublé


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My favorite Pokemon is Natu because it is simply a small weird bird

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