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Fursona(s), art thread 

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Introduction post good and proper, selfie included 

When Bjork sang about a virus and a cell being a parallel to a bad relationship, I felt that

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ko-fi, e-begging, abuse 

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iPhone/Windows 10 question 

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this is 100% the face that every dog makes when you shout "WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? DROP IT!!"

work (-) but I’m shitposting about it 

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maybe if I awoo loud enough they won't suspect me being a fox

All the people
So many people
They all go hand in hand
Hand in hand with their

Hot take, Pokemon SWSH spoilersish 


Need someone to go Osmosis Jones on me and shrink down, go inside me and kill my allergies

When I go to artists I've already gone to for commissions

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Streaming Boosting 

I thought today was my 9 hour shift that I had to wake up @ 4:30 for but guess who mistook his dates

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@Walpurgisyiff friends, romans, countrymen, gamers, naruto runners, angela, pamela, sandra, rita, twitch streamers, kpop stans, furries, weebs, fanfiction writers, juggalos, dj khaled, wikipedia editors, fortnite kids, scatman john, homestuck readers, poli sci majors, smut artists, lend me your ears, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that m

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@Walpurgisyiff friends, Romans, fellow countrymen, ladies of this country, national enbies, international men of mystery, ladies of the world, worldwide enbies, enbies who steal salad and those who do not, acquaintances, trans girls with swords, unarmed trans people, work spouses, that person you see at the bus stop every day and share a silent understanding with, that lady who always brings cake to the office, horny Lucario, disaster lesbians, reply guys, drivers of the Down With Cis Bus, tha

“Friends, Romans, fellow countrymen, furries, clowns, Homestucks, Pokemon trainers, welders, Major League Baseball players, jewelers, egirls, trans friends and relations.....” and so on

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