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Something about me: I draw! It's something I need to do more of, but don't worry, my partner's always nagging me to keep doing it. What a guy!

I drew this way back when for some birdsite thing. I already posted it on meow but now you guys get to see it too! It's probably my best work to date.

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Man I've been on FA for over half a decade and I get so much better interactions on my art here despite it only being around for a couple of months

You guys totally rule, you know that? :blobkissheart:

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y’all need to watch neo yokio it’s the only good anime

@srgl forced me, under extreme duress, to watch the Sonic trailer

Please remove my eyes

My whole left arm has been aching from an old RSI and I haven't been able to do much of anything because of that. It's driving me completely nuts

I will not stop birdposting until Snouts Dot Online is colloquially referred to as "The bird site".

Can you get Groupons for brothels in Nevada

I'm not in that market but I really wanna know

enlighten all your friends on this 420 by spelling it "wead" and claiming thats the only way you've ever seen it written out

What if we put a goomba's head on top of Beavis' body! Show more


The SFW version of a Cowboys 'n' Aliens Space Cowboy Commission for RebelMechWolf on Furaffinity! :3

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