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Something about me: I draw! It's something I need to do more of, but don't worry, my partner's always nagging me to keep doing it. What a guy!

I drew this way back when for some birdsite thing. I already posted it on meow but now you guys get to see it too! It's probably my best work to date.

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Man I've been on FA for over half a decade and I get so much better interactions on my art here despite it only being around for a couple of months

You guys totally rule, you know that? :blobkissheart:

I shouldn't be awake

I'm awake

Talk to me. Sup

GUYS, is it gay to invent? You be coming upon 😳😳

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I’m enjoying procreate a lot
(Img: incomplete painting of an octopus in a hoodie)

Someone buy me milk so I can make a london fog

A long time ago when I was in like middle school or whatever I wanted to buy a PC graphics card because it had an ultra well-rendered and super hot lizard guy on it

If I actually had money back then it probably would've single-handedly gotten me into PC gaming

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A friend threw money at me and told me to draw whatever. I sorta fell in love with Hollow Knight so I drew their Cubone character in that style.

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