3D printing, paw forms, birdsite (expanded) 

Yep, How to train your Dragon 3 was worth seeing!

Finally updated my old copy of Manga Studio 5 to the latest Clip Studio Paint. Fairly painless, took the old license key with no problems.

Now I just need to start using it again 🐺

Fursuit, face 

Local midnight approaches - think I'll suit up for it 🐺

food, holidays 

Casting latex today & working on a custom deform rig () for fitting new paw designs for printing forms.

It's amazing how much cruft builds up over the years - I'm going through and archiving over 80 Gb of video tutorials I've collected over the years, and then deleting all the ones horribly out of date (going back to 2006) to free up disk space.

I hear noise outside my window and find a pair of mid-sized black bears up on the deck, casually checking out the snow-filled pots. Tried to take photos but the lights inside kept them from coming out decently (reflections). Y'all will have to be satisfied with paw prints in the snow next to my size 13 prints...

Finally getting the suits washed after WPAFW. Now, if the weather will cooperate so I can get the big wolf's body in a tub outside . . .

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Mabon, autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. Celebrate!

Eat. Sleep. Fursuit. Repeat.

Gotta do some refurb and minor repairs so I can run around as a werewolf at WPAFW.

Fifty-eight here (in human years - I cringe at what that is in dog years). Still running around as a werewolf whenever I can, still making neat stuffs and still learning new ways to make 'em.

Oh, and

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