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I'm Zeny, I also go by Mimi and Floresta. I'm a latina and trans nonbinary girl living in Japan as an English teacher! It's nice to meet you! In my spare time I work on a visual novel about Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!) and draw Gay Anime Furries.

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Becoming comfortable with calling myself a girl was a real pupgrade

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o shit clip studio paint added a perspective angle for ctrl + t transformation

I need to draw Mimi's magical girl outfit. Magic is stored in the fluff.

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why does adjusting the alarm on a wrist watch require so much brain power

WHAT I NEED is a buff girl with arms so strong when she casually flexes it causes a wind that pushes me back

Took an assessment test and my vocab level is where I thought it'd be for Japanese which is lower intermediate (N3ish) so I think I'm just gonna go ahead and study for the N3 instead of retaking the N4 because frankly I can't waste any time on something I know I could've done better on if my anxiety hadn't taken over.

The easiest way I've been able to explain Mastodon to my friends is

"Remember PhpBB?"

"The forum software?"

"Yes. That, but for shitposting in rapid succession like on Other Sites"

Wonder if the new leaked Switch with the longer battery life has a bigger battery or if the processor is just using a smaller nanometer process which makes a chip more energy efficient.

Friend of mine was like “I’ll take shitty cloud strife Winamp skins over social media standards” and that’s a big ol mood

Honestly I should make a proper portfolio site for my art

FA being down reminds me of that poor artist who became a meme for the week FA was down that one time cuz of their crying elf drawing

Your girl is awake and still doesn’t know what sleep is

I’m got cake. I’m the whole tres leches

Do not!!!! Call me a cupcake!!!!!

(but also tease me with pastry themed nicknames <:3 )

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