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I'm Zeny, I also go by Mimi and Floresta. I'm a latina and trans nonbinary girl living in Japan as an English teacher! It's nice to meet you! In my spare time I work on a visual novel about Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!) and draw Gay Anime Furries.

Goddamn I LOVE THE CROMCH of this keyboard

we're the hex girls and we're gonna cast a spell on you

VR Chat is the only place I know where putting your hands in someone's face is a valid greeting lol

People always give me this shocked look when I say I like studying kanji and find it easy. Even Japanese people are like wtf are you a monster. Yeah I guess so lol

Have there been break out meme songs from anime at all? Since like God Knows from Haruhi


I absolutely wanna make a self indulgent trashy dating sim someday lol

The Timotei gag in Lucky Star blows my mind cuz it's such an obscure 80s reference from a shampoo brand that was only sold in the UK. To see that referenced in an anime from 2007 is bizarre.

Who wants to do a podcast about early 2000s visual novels with me lol

Da Capo's art style is such a time capsule of early 2000s anime styled art.

The tumblr post that's the dude calling his cat Stinky Bastard Man has more cultural impact than Avatar

Got to hang out with a ton of folks at the Kemono cafe on VR chat today. It's pretty hectic but everyone was really friendly.

I cannot stress how nice it is being back on a keyboard that makes sense.

Lucky Star's art style still holds up so well I forgot it was from 2007 until one of the characters loaded up an MSN messenger window

I tried using one of those ergonomic microsoftkeyboards for six whole months and it just wasn't working out. It didn't help the keyboard was the Japanese layout but the OS interpreted it as the American one so many of the characters weren't what they said they were

I'm a mechanical keyboard chad now fellas

The comiket segment of Lucky Star is too fucking real

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