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It's time for my self introduction. I'm Zeny, a queer latino from NYC currently living in Hokkaido, Japan. I draw all sorts of stuff, but most often Gay Anime Furries and Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!). It's nice to meet you! Here's a little sample of stuff I make:

what if you went to heaven

but god said

"your 90 minute limit is up please pay for megaupload premium to enjoy more megavideo"


I drank an extra strength energy drink here for the first time which is to say it's equivalent to a normal American energy drink

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The fact that Mastodon naturally repels people who have been Brain Poisoned by Twitter isn't a bug, it's a feature

I know it's a lot more work but I'm really adamant on making it so every character has more than one pose because I could never quite connect with VNs where only the faces change. I think it's efficient to only change faces and I do it when needed, but I'll be happier with at least two or three poses per character along side face edits rather than just one sprite the entire time

Finally working on sprites for the VN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FUN PART!!!!!!!

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Feeling a bit better about the VN demo draft script after re reading. I think it's more or less as done as it can be. Next I'll focus on drawn assets and then change what I need to change script wise as I work in engine. VNs are a visual medium and I feel like I don't have any vantage point unless I see my writing come to life.

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So judging from people's reactions about FLCL's latest seasons my impression is they should've made Big O season 3 instead

Although the truth is, I don't use my natural voice when speaking in Japanese. I use an emulated voice to sound more native lol

I should try voice acting in Japanese sometime

why is so much nintendo 64 music so shitposty

What was it with the 90s and commercials that had abstract zig zag/triangle shapes and a percussion synth that went all PU PU PU PACHOOO DA PA PA

In Japan, there's this anime called Sazae-san that has been running since 1969, and because it always airs on Sunday evenings people have used it as a metric that the weekend is over. The feeling of dread that school/work starts the next day after watching Sazae-san is called Sazae Syndrome

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The other most notable example that made it to the west was the OKKUSENMAN flash too

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