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I'm Zeny, I also go by Mimi and Floresta. I'm a latina and trans nonbinary girl living in Japan as an English teacher! It's nice to meet you! In my spare time I work on a visual novel about Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!) and draw Gay Anime Furries.

Remembering Gamepro magazine, I thought it was cute how all the editors had personas and their own custom characters instead of just their names and faces. I remember one dude had a fennec fox wizard and another had a buff dragon man lol

It's weird being old enough to remember when American video game magazines kept calling triple A titles "Killer Apps" instead

ennui (-) 

With the exception of a few extremely busy work days, I've managed to do a 1 short story (200 to 500 words a day) a day for one whole month. Wowsers!

I'm so glad they went with Ricther's 90s anime looking self for Smash

I've been exposed to so much Portugese online I'll sometimes slip into it when speaking Spanish

I'm not specifically into the goth look but people called me goth the entirety of high school just because of my natural looks so I bet I could pull it off without much effort

Had a dream last night my grandmother bequeathed me a mansion she hadn't used since the 90s so there was nothing but 90s shit in there.

If I somehow inherited a big mansion I'd probably just let my friends live there for free, maybe tank the property values of the local area to make landlords weep in pain as I destroy their income.

Replacing all the paintings in Mario 64 with art of my fursona

“Thank you for letting me almost get a job now let me kiss your ass and hope I get the job for real”

We really gotta end the whole “send your interviewer a thank you letter” shit after an interview. It’s such a stupid practice.

Zeny as a character really calmed down since I first made them in middle school. They went from extremely hot blooded to very chill, go with the flow type of person. They're very in the present but still prone to day dreaming.

*bites into an apple, bees begin to pour out of my mouth* oh no this really apple bees

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