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It's time for my self introduction. I'm Zeny, a queer latino from NYC currently living in Hokkaido, Japan. I draw all sorts of stuff, but most often Gay Anime Furries and Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!). It's nice to meet you! Here's a little sample of stuff I make:

(remembers im non binary) oh shit thats right hell yea

One time I asked a friend "If you could come up with an awful Gamer Shirt where every line is in a different font what would it be" and he made a mock up of Mario hitting a coin block with the text "WHEN YOU SEE IT, YOU'LL HIT BRICKS" and I was so mad for like a week

Saw a post that was like "If employers had to pay you at the start of your commute, we'd have public transportation even better than Tokyo's" and its like lmao word

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BLFC is a classic anime from the 90s by Gainax

Started a sentence with “I hate to sound like a salty bitch” but here I am. Morning’s starting great.

90s capcom music had such a distinct sound to it

*designs a character* wow wish i could be this characters friend irl

That picture of Aerith going around that's like "are you emo?" gave me flashbacks to high school where I often got asked if I was a goth because I have heavy eye bags

We never actually grew out of LOL SO RANDOM XD humor, it just evolved into Neo Dadaism

Do low level CPUs like celerons actually handle basic things like browsing actually? Because modern browsers are absurdly power hungry.

Me: Small talk isn't fun

Brain: many small talk make big talk

Me: fuck you for being right and fuck the world for that being the default

My high school experience was overall so-so but the school itself was just your typical poor funded inner city school. Lack of after school activities, no options for any extra classes, cramped, and just crawling with armed cops. Felt more like a prison in hindsight.

Also my coworkers are often surprised when they ask me what club I was in during high school because I always say "What clubs? My school was vastly underfunded"

That said I am in sheer awe with how many clubs Japanese schools have. They have funding for all these clubs so sometimes it feels more like a college. That said, I think it's wild the kids come in for club activities even during school breaks, holidays, and weekends. I don't think I'd ever want to step into a school on a weekend let alone my summer break LOL

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