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I'm Zeny, I also go by Mimi and Floresta. I'm a latina and trans nonbinary girl living in Japan as an English teacher! It's nice to meet you! In my spare time I work on a visual novel about Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!) and draw Gay Anime Furries.

Watched the first episode of Kibo no Tabi, an old 2000s anime about a person who travels to different city states to experience their culture.

I don't actually understand the backlash with the PS5 controller. It looks like a normal console controller to me?

There's a few pieces of media I look back on fondly but have a complex relationship with because they're also deeply flawed works with some genuinely horrendous crap in them. Balancing nostalgia with those criticisms is tough but I figure it's because I care it's important to let those criticisms be made.

I only read *the best* manga

Which is to say Japanese indie furry comics

I keep thinking about the Tokyo Sun Tax. It's common everywhere but in Tokyo rent prices spike like mad if your windows face the sunrise and it sucks

Randomly watched an apartment tour video and??? what the fuck is this kitchenette

WHO DESIGNED THIS why is the stove like that

its so weird how theres this big ass normie side of youtube making big bucks

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who are these fucking youtubers giving tours of their 5000 dollar a month brooklyn studio

what exactly do they do???

I hope I can be a hot mom-type when I'm 40 except I don't want kids ever so I'll settle for spoling hot friends

Cool art challenge idea: You only get 1 minute to study this image of Luso Final Fantasy and then you have to redraw it entirely from memory

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So is Dahir Insaat a pun on "The hell is that?" ?

The Nickolodean Guts theme is forever ingrained into my memory


It's probably why Lucky Star strikes a chord with me haha

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Girls hanging out and being absolute gremlins with each other is the most relatable genre of art

why did they name it Amiga and not AmigOS

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