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It's time for my self introduction. I'm Zeny, a queer latino from NYC currently living in Hokkaido, Japan. I draw all sorts of stuff, but most often Gay Anime Furries and Pansexual Anime Werewolves (PAW for short!). It's nice to meet you! Here's a little sample of stuff I make:

Think I’m just gonna go all in on being enby. The only way to find answers is to just do it.

Typically, work parties are more or less considered overtime by people here so during the goodbye parties for people transferring or retiring, you can tell who's been working a job for years because they're totally desensitized to the party while others are crying on stage as they say goodbye

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Snouts is just the horny version of "all of my friends are here for me" anime scenes

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Short, but not short enough to be a cute shortstack is my curse

One of my coworkers lent me a book on the history of coal miner labor from this town cuz he knows I'm into that. It's super interesting. A lot of it requires a Japanese dictionary for me to read but I like this book.

I was trying to make a ref for Petal last night but this sketch went nowhere fast

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Werewolf: If you get bitten, you become one of us

Me: and i can control it?

Werewolf: yeah

Me rolling up my sleeves: and theres no like, serious side effects?

Werewolf: not really

Me, extending my arm outward: so hypothetically if you just placed your maw right here and i slammed down on it like a staples brand stapler i would become a werewolf right now right

Every time a new union is formed my brain plays the Wonderful 101 theme

Like, G4 somehow ended up being the most Youtube thing on TV before Youtube became the giant it is today

G4 Tech TV was such a weird early 2000s thing


Me, living alone:

and if you liked my Beastars/Hamtaro crossover fic Hamstars,like comment and subscribe

This bitch empty, yeet! *throws a Nobody across the hollowed halls of Castle Oblivion*

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