I think a lot about Smash Brothers tier lists and how a lot of the controversy around them is that Smash is a game centered around nostalgia and no one wants to think of their childhood faves as inferior to other characters. But it's also a misunderstanding of how tiers work and how they're generally only relevant between high level players, which accounts for a small part of who's playing the game

I'm not a competitive guy myself and prefer to play casually but I realize that tier lists don't apply to the matches between me and my friends cuz none of us are high level players with money on the line.

@Zeny tier lists are fuckin terrible, guess what very few of us will be as good as nairo or whatever the fuck so just play whoever!!! I play Zelda cause she's cute and Palutena cause she's cute and that's it! And now since I guess Palu got really good I get shit from people. Ahhhh

@eightbitsamurai I'm not a fan of that situation either when your fave happens to be high tier and you get attacked for that. My point really is that no one should worry about tier lists unless they've got money on the line at Evo or whatever

@Zeny @eightbitsamurai Even then, there can be an incentive to play a low tier character because of the meta, to take people by surprise.

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