I like how LOL in Japanese was "w" and lolololol was "wwwwwww" and now it's evolved to 草 (kusa, which means grass) because rows of wwwww looks like grass

@Zeny that's genuinely fascinating
Language evolution is amazing

@Zeny What was the etymology of w in this case?

@Felthry the word for laugh is Warai which starts with a w

@Zeny Ooh, I see.

It seems like Japan has a bit of a fascination with W in particular though, because it's apparently also used as a shortening of "double"

@Zeny they finally got their own word for "lmfao"

@Zeny as a side note: goddammit i love how pun laden japanese net speak can be

@Zeny that makes me imagine someone laughing and it sounding like くさくさくさくさくさ

@Zeny okay so it came from a shortening of a word "Warai." For some reason my first instinct was people were saying "double you" to mean laugh like, in real life.

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