There’s this 90s manga that got an OVA during its run called Yokohama Kaidashi that’s really interesting. It’s a post apocalyptic setting but instead of being edgey, it’s a slow, optimistic slice of life where humanity is living it’s twilight years out in peace. People work together and just live. The background art for the OVA is also gorgeous.

A lot of the mangas themes involve appreciating the small things in life, being mindful of small changes, and mono no aware which is a pensive sadness over how nothing is permanent.

There’s also a lot of mystery involved. We’re never told what caused the apocalypse, or any of the character’s histories. This is a show that takes place entirely in its own present. I like that.

@Zeny i loved the manga but i didn't realize it was that old! I should've known by the art style. It's so gorgeous~

@Zeny I'm reading through the manga right now (albeit slowly). I'm really enjoying the laid-back pace as opposed to all the typical post-apocalyptic, heavy-action shows.

@Zeny oh, I loved the OVA for Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou! I always wished there was more of that.

@jamey I think it spun off an entire genre of "Peaceful post apocalypse" background art because I see it from time to time when I visit Comiket

@Zeny that picture with the beverage has a vaporwave aesthetic to it

@Zeny this sounds like exactly what i need to watch today, thanks!

@Zeny wait is this the robot girl Cafe? I never know it got an OVA?!

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