Furry culture is referring to your fursona as both a separate entity and as yourself interchangeably

God mood. I got a fursona like two weeks ago and I call myself by them in most places but still randomly go by my old username

@Zeny Stand: Actually Being Your Best Self in a Way That Will Never Be Reality But My God I’m Gonna Try

@Zeny I was trying to explain this to a mundane at blfc and it was... Difficult for them to get that both are true simultaneously.

@Zeny Furry culture is also having your fursona Literally come to life and start talking to you, before developing into someone who can take possession of your body.

@LexYeen @Zeny Yeah, and Multiple Systems are Stand Users.

I wish I was fucking kidding.

@Zeny I kinda don't refer to fursona-me as a separate entity and feel a little odd about the whole concept! That's prolly in large part a therian thing though :)

@starkatt @Zeny it actually was quite a long time between when we discovered the furry community and when we learned that some people have a distinction between "self" and "sona"

@Zeny mood. both my characters have either my real name or a nickname I use and I will interchangably do this constantly.

@Zeny He is me when I want him to be, and better than me when I need him to be.

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