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Would anyone be interested in inked busts for like $7.50-10? I could also just do unfilled lines for maybe $5. This would be scans of traditional media.

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You can make some moods with this emoji set.
:nonbinary_flag: :comrade: :aaaaa: :crt_w_noise:

its not too late to develop an extremely ill advised crush on me uwu

Say what you will about massive paranoia towards the government and capital but it takes the edge off interpersonal paranoia.

Have a comission to work on so I don't lose my fucking marbles not being able to do much beyond sit on the couch.

Feels like I've been bodied by a piledriver.

Race horses are incredibly neurotic and also legally can't cohabitate, so we had emotional support goats that could go between the stables.

It does suck that people rely on FA for customers. Clearly, some sort of new nexus is needed because FA is... not good for a lot of reasons, and it going down kneecaps a lot of people's ability to sell art and other work.

oh wow furaffinity is back up and it supports netscape navigator AND internet explorer now

trying to run a gallery site but the clapping my dummy thicc web code from 2002 keeps-

"The website is down again"
"frickin, I told them, I TOLD them, they cant use this 'google chrome' the website only works in IE6, Netscape Navigator, and AOL"

i killed furaffinity to liberate your minds. for better or worse you are now free

Still figuring out how to not make that face look weird from the front.

Look at the hell miasma that is brand Twitter and realize that's what they want. Repulsive.

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