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Would anyone be interested in inked busts for like $7.50-10? I could also just do unfilled lines for maybe $5. This would be scans of traditional media.

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who would have thought that the horny monster fucker instance would be the one breaking important new ground in the realms of fedi software

Had lunch and chilled with someone. Feel better. Panel I want to see is in two hours.

"Water-soluble" doesn't mean "stops showing under a black light."

everyone has two wolves inside them and three on their shirt

$70 for a badge nobody will give me. At least FC had someone to actually issue badges, and it was clearly labeled, which nothing is here.

Still trying to figure out how to get my fucking badge. About to give up and write it off, at least for today.

The hotel doesn't actually have maps posted but I think I found where registration will be at some point. Fuck it I'm going back to the room and waiting until I can get breakfast.

Looking for registration while walking on my messed-up feet. Don't think it's open yet.

"Floorsleep" I s a legally distinct concept from sleep.

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