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You can make some moods with this emoji set.
:nonbinary_flag: :comrade: :aaaaa: :crt_w_noise:

which popfur will elon musk hook up with after grimes breaks up with him

@Zero_Democracy To steal a joke from my roommate: Elon Musk and Grimes separating their Funko Pops after they break up

If I had to summarize the late-90s it'd be with beanie-baby-divorce-court.jpg.

new pickle rick tf file up on my patreon

A discord server I'm in started an NSFW art channel and I am going ham on that fucker.

a smartphone lets you text make voice calls AND get anxiety. truly a multifaceted tool

Hey why did none of you chumps tell me about the Beastars manga art?

Debating changing my display name to "gamer girl swamp ass."

its winter and you all know what that means. steamy hot mugs of gamer fuel by the fire

contempt of court charge for using uwu speak. freedom is dead

I've noticed some of y'all slacking, so here's a helpful chart

believing in black helicopters is ufos for people who hate fun

constantly alternating fursonae is recreational identity crises

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