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iPad charged and loaded with MBMBAM and Muppets. Also sitting next to one of the pilots in the waiting area.

Watching a gang of magpies fight with a rat over a carcass, living the good life!

Ugg flight delayed only giving me 5 minutes to get to my next gate when we land, thatโ€™s if we land on time. I just need to get to Reno before midnight to pick up my car.

Double checked and I have til 1am to get my car so not bad, gives me 3 hours of wiggle room. Just damn I hope I donโ€™t miss my connecting flight cuz I donโ€™t need that headache.

Officially updating the status of this flight to rigmarole.

Alright so hereโ€™s the 411 folks, I got a new flight to Houston and Iโ€™m staying the night there, comping a hotel room. Then an early flight to Denver with a layover to Reno and arrive in Reno at 11am.

Also snagged the last slice of pizza from the Italian place here.

United 1252 is coming! Itโ€™s gunna bring food, and water, and smite our enemies!

Finally! Original boarding time was 5:21. Finally getting on 4 hour later.

In Houston, lol all that for a 30 minute flight. Geeze welp time to yell for a free hotel.

Every time Iโ€™ve gotten in line for customer service itโ€™s always been rando lookin white boys holding everything up juggling calls and arguing.

Also lady ahead of me complaining one of the workers left after a new one arrived. Like lol itโ€™s the end of his shift! Wouldnโ€™t you book it?

Debating just sleeping in the terminal. Fucking what am I gunna do? Get a room, lay down for 3 hours, go through TSA hell and then get on my flight?

โ€œI want a refund!โ€ Loooooolllllll this an airline bitch! You think you getting shit! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

This dude soooooooo maaaaaaddddd! He not yelling but he fucking spitting venom! I take it back this show is so worth it.

โ€œIโ€™m not going tomorrow Iโ€™m going now!โ€ Start flapping mother fucker! You see any planes out there?

For all this dudes complaining he needs to go now, just fucking get a shuttle. Like dude is trying to get to Austin, you could probably hitch hike to Austin faster.

For all peoples complaining once someone brings up how the CEO is worth 27 million dollars suddenly no one wants to eat him!

Lotta people complaining and acting like they donโ€™t live in America.

Anyway they were deep cleaning the bbq place and now the terminal smells like smoked meat and itโ€™s great!

Got a little sleep. Probably would have gotten more just waiting at the airport but wouldnโ€™t have gotten a shower which is worth WAY more.

Boarding for Denver! Apparently itโ€™s gunna be asses and elbows for 2.3 hours.

Had multiple people in TSA yโ€™all about my little CRT. Everyone aware of how old they are looking at it.

Also most recent run through TSA had an agent swab the crt to check for dangerous chemicals.

Landed in Denver. God I wish I was playing Iron Banner rn. TFF was also during Iron Banner and I missed out on a bunch a loot.

Now that I'm in Denver suddenly everything cost airport amounts. 8$ fuckin gas station sammich.

Finally on my plane to Reno. Iโ€™m a coming BLFC!

Also landing gear retracting sounds like a slightly less demented Mr Blobby.

Checked in so now just gotta get my badge!

@fillertrack Tell me where and how if you get one, because I kept getting sent to different places and nobody was doing it.

@Zero_Democracy Iโ€™ll probably see ya there, about to head down after my phone charges a bit.

@fillertrack Still closed. Supposedly registration may be near the line for the dealer's den but I've heard that before.

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