Tomorrow i'll be going to a goodwill store here in seattle and i can't tell you how excited i am hahaahahaaahahhahah FUCK i love thrift stores

people were staring at me cause i was walking around all day in the rain in sandals but idgaf

I find it amusing that there's 30 or locals and were all "let's meet up!" 2 of them have any interest lol

Selfie, bathroom mirror 


Comparison is the thief of happiness

After 101 years, the Ottoman locomotive is still laying in the desert after being ambushed by Arabian forces lead by Lawrence of Arabia. -1915 WW1

Today's music at the Cafe included the seat belts (cowboy bebop oat) and radiohead, nice!

There's a cute worker at the local Cafe we go to, they're always exceptionally nice to us :3

We had a nice adventure together today, it was sorta romantic and i liked it

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