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Hi I'm a late 30s puma from Alaska! I'm a he and you can call me puma, coug, Kevin or similar. I don't officially have a character name and I've been the same snout since 97!

I really enjoy taking about food and cooking it! You'll also hear me ramble about video games, finances, biking, computers and beards. I love my deer @torideer!

Immune to clout, friendly, gay, engaged, optimistic, equality, snooter, democratic liberal, personal responsibility, friend, ally.

Tele @a_puma01

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Snake dabbling in Java
hrrnnghh, return null

Snake testing the bath water temperature


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Oh. My. Godzilla.
There's a child on the plane

Me over hearing people at the airport
"what's lol mean? Lots of love?"

if we get this apartment in seattle, we will be living in the gay area of the city.

If i do commission someone in reno i hope they don't ghost on me like the last one. :blobangery:

@torideer and I will be at the masto meeting Friday at 1!

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