OK before i decide to post this via internet, would anyone be interested in buying my NeoGeo Pocket Color?
It's condition is "Like New"

comes with these games:
sonic pocket adventure
king of fighters r2
fatal fury first contact
samurai shodown 2
metal slug 1st mission
neo turf masters
card fighters clash (snk version)

I have sold a lot of things on here and i have sources to vouch for the condition of the items i sell, If you need reassurance.

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@a_puma01 I'm doing a little bit of quick research to confirm my interest; a few major things holding me back:

- The game I mostly would want for it (Cotton) is ridiculously rare/hard to come by

- It seems that flash carts are kind of expensive and also hard to come by

- I'll be buying an analogue pocket this year when it releases, which will have NGPC support:

So, I'm going to say I'm -tentatively- interested, and will think about it more if someone else doesn't bite

@a_puma01 (If I hadn't quit my job in december I think I'd just go for it but I feel like I should resist the urge to splurge atm XD)

@coda I thought about keeping it and getting a flash cart but decided i just don't play it anymore and i should part with it.

@a_puma01 I've always really wanted one (bc I love the hardware, honestly), but the library has always been just a BIT too limited for me to spend money on it...

@coda I got this one back in 2008ish? just to play card fighters clash lol

@a_puma01 I'm having a think about this. I don't know yet, but I'm guessing you're in the US right?

@a_puma01 Best 8 bits handle console. ♥♥♥

Not interested by selling games separately, I guess ?

@VioB oh hands down! I'd be interested in selling all of the games together, separate from the console but I'd rather not sell them each individual.

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