Today's food are sesame and poppy seed crackers
They came out a little plain

Today's food are some truly hideous steamed buns
I am so sorry

Today's food is spicy lentil knishes
Their signature butthole shape comes from karate-chopping the dough into pieces

I made so much marmalade over the winter. Here's a shot of "non-chunky" style, in which the fruit and stuff is all filtered through a sieve

Today's (and yesterday's) food is chunky kumquat marmalade

Today's food is a Chinese scallion pancake
It has a real interesting texture!
Goes well with spicy soy sauce, naturally

Today's food is home fries with home-made aioli
Just home all over the place

Today's food is molasses bread. It's just white bread that I added molasses to
Turned out pretty good

Did you know that potstickers are a dangerous food? You have to like, pour a bunch of water into hot oil at one point, right there on the stove

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