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Continuing progress in Artifact Adventure soon! Can we beat the boss of the south tower this time??

@torideer I'm so sorry if this is really random but I still love that sketch you did of my Pokesona. Everything about is amazing and I love the facial expression. I really wanna commission you for a full color art sometime cause you're amazing.

In the long run, the biggest contribution of Universal Paperclips might be the constructive demonstration that even the lowest prestige and most widely derided genre (the Clicker Game) can produce a work of merit that brings out complex emotions and inspires discussion.

hey science folks! Ever have trouble remembering the names for each layer of biological taxonomy? You know, this one:

Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Here's a helpful mnemonic, which I used to remember for this toot!

Donkey Kong, Please Come Over For Gay Sex


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