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@BraixenIRL @asonix
"So now we're going to use what's known as the Jexploit, where a bug in the NPC humor routines will always respond favorably to any permutation of a word with 'jeans'. By putting a point in Python scripting we can produce Jokes (jort jokes) at a rate equal to one Jeake (jean joke) per frame. And as you see, we now have the coveted verified mark. Obviously this is all totally RTA viable." *Audience laughter*

Streaming Invisible Inc! This is a roguelike tactics stealth game set in the dystopian cyberpunk future. Last time, we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat; will we be so lucky on this campaign??

*Bops her head rhythmically like she's in a Mystery Skulls video*

make furry as strange and unmarketable to advertisers and profiteers as possible

@RobinHood So we're down to
1. Respect and defend the weak
2. Be brave
3. Make war with jerks, always
4. Don't lie, stick with your friends
5. Be generous
6. Fight for Good

How's that sound?

I don't know what skup is and at this point im too afraid to ask

Would someone really do that? Just... go on the internet, and pet boys?

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