Streaming Rivals of Aether, NARAS #103!

Will begin with just under an hour of warmup, and then at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST, the tournament will be on!

"Excuse me, that's my familiar."

"You're quite mistaken. Triffle's been with me forever."

"Nice try, I know my Lunabean anywhere!"

The silvery vixen coughed lightly between them.

"I confess; I have been Familiar-ing for you both this whole time."

The wizards stared at her, mouths agape.

"There's a shortage of Familiars requiring us to multi-bond," she explained.

"What're you two doing with my Star-Nyte?"

"...A preposterous shortage."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Streaming LOVERS of AETHER tonight!

That's right we're dating cute furries and reading angsty goth poetry from Dan Fornace's surprisingly entertaining April Fool's joke.

Yes, this might have been ImagineInk's idea.

But I make no apologies 💚

Me, 80 years old: Hi uwu

do u AA-RP? =3c

I will be streaming my play in NARAS #102! This is looking to be a big one, probably because a lot of players are in quarantine. Starting with about an hour of warmup, and then it's on!

covid cw please 

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Rivals of Aether stream tonight! I've been grinding movement in the practice room, still working on bringing it out in play, but I feel good about my improvement.

Will be doing online, ranked, and viewer battles! Feel free to hop on in!

WA Dept of Health Social Distancing rules Mar 17 

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Just a friendly reminder, tipping your cowboy hat is much more sanitary than a handshake

Many of you already do it but we want to ask and urge everyone on and of course on other instances to add a CW (corona or covid19) to *all* toots in a relation with the corona virus pandemic. Additionally adding the #covid19 hashtag is also a good idea to filter the toots.

The topic is important but there are a lot of people that are for example in a risk group and really don't want to hear every bad joke or every new headline. Help them and be a nice citizen of this instance.

a cute foxdrone! 

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