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Greetings Snouts! I'm moving from .social 'cause y'all seem like a good bunch and being on the front-line instance was a little exhausting.

I'm a web dev by day and an enormous Myst nerd by night. I run the Guild of Archivists at and I've contributed art and expertise to the Myst universe's Unwritten RPG.

My primary 'sona is an arctic fox, but I also have a pony (Silvercloud) and an african wild dog (Zami).


Is there a widely-agreed-upon diminutive/web-friend term for a fox? Dogs get puppy/pupper/doggo, cats get kitten/kitty/katten/etc. What do foxes get? Or do we just have to live with the slightly-wrong dog ones?

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Ko-fi is now following suit and utterly and completely cracking down on adult content

DO NOT say suggestive/adult things in the comment fields of your PayPal/Ko-fi transactions

DO NOT directly, publicly link your PayPal/Ko-fi identities in your adult-oriented art posts

DO NOT keep a lot of money in your PayPal account. Transfer it to your bank often, where they can't seize it and take it from you

Artists and commissioners use good judgement, it's a balancing act from both sides

I wrote a little fic in anticipation of tomorrow's living world season finale, trying to get into my sylvari Commander's headspace. Spoilers for Episode 5.

Has anyone ever actually let their microwave meal stand in the microwave for 1-2 minutes before consuming?

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Rewatched the trailer for the Living World season finale that releases tomorrow. Agree with the many commenters getting a major Endgame vibe from it. Now I want to remix the Avengers fanfare in the style of the piano work in that trailer. Single notes, then simple harmonies, then full chords.

I may have to fiddle with this in Garageband when I take my lunch break...

Scrounged up enough money to go see Detective Pikachu last night. Definitely glad we got to go, it was a lot of fun. So happy there’s finally a video game movie that isn’t a hot mess.

Decided to be a dork and snap a photo in PoGo after we left, and the cheeky bugger photobombed his own picture.

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Who decided to call it HRT and not gender fluid?

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Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

So apparently someone at Mozilla forgot to renew the signing certificate for all Firefox add-ons and it expired tonight.


Oh good, YouTube's infinite-scroll search results don't just bounce me back to the end of the first "page" on Safari because my machine was also bogged down with Unity and Substance Designer. It's doing it in Firefox on a completely different computer now too. So they're just terrible at their jobs. Good to know.

TFW you realize you can upgrade to a new(er) release of Substance Designer because your perpetual license came with a full year of upgrades and support.

Woot! Unity's running a sale in the asset store, and the voxel terrain tool I was looking at is now $38 instead of $75. Procrastination FTW!

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We filmed this a couple of weeks ago and now it’s online!

Got tickets to see Endgame tonight at 10. Gonna be a long night, hehe.

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We're so close to getting funded! Help us get there and support a great indie studio making best-in-class adventure games!

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