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Greetings Snouts! I'm moving from .social 'cause y'all seem like a good bunch and being on the front-line instance was a little exhausting.

I'm a web dev by day and an enormous Myst nerd by night. I run the Guild of Archivists at and I've contributed art and expertise to the Myst universe's Unwritten RPG.

My primary 'sona is an arctic fox, but I also have a pony (Silvercloud) and an african wild dog (Zami).


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Hamster Dance, but with porgs.

That one's free, Internet.

Today's mood: sounds of continuous, unending screaming into an infinite and shapeless void.

My good friend Curio Draco (who makes the awesome Telegram stickers of my 'sona I've posted before) has started a Patreon. Please check her out:

Every time a ship lands in The Clone Wars and there are only 2 landing gear, my anxiety ticks up another notch.

Anybody who thinks dinosaurs are less scary or cool with feathers has never seen a cassowary bird.

Last night I dreamt that Mikey Neumann joined my family for dinner at a place with *impossibly* slow service, so he spent the night critiquing my photography on the 27” iMac I had inexplicably brought with me to the restaurant.

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Huh. You can just put Furry in front of any restaurant slogan and it works.

Furry: No Rules, Just Right

Furry: When You're Here, You're Family

Furry: We Have the Meats

I need to make a version of the Galaxy Brain meme about the TNG episode Darmok that ends with the phrase "galaxy brain" in the galaxy brain slot...

I love that "galaxy brain" is an adjective now.

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Holy shit, Apple just updated the iPad mini. I thought for sure that form factor was going to be left to rot until finally being removed from the store as quietly as possible a few years down the road when the $399 asking price for generations-old hardware became unsustainably absurd.

At last, my Myst Book from the 25th Anniversary Kickstarter has arrived!

I’ve done it. I’ve found the worst closed caption sound effect. (Clone Wars S02E08)

When you fall over while putting on your pants, that's a jumble (jean fumble).

I really appreciate that the Apollo 11 documentary didn't use the exterior LM liftoff footage from Apollo 17's lunar departure just to "tell the story".

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I'm still proud of myself for the time I referred to Mastodon as "furry automated luxury gay space communism".

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