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Nice to see that after 10 tries, the operating system named after the concept of application windows still has no idea where I left them whenever it restarts.

(I just got... I'm gonna go with "transferred" to Windows 10 at work, because "upgraded" makes it sounds like there was some sort of improvement being made in the process.)

@alahmnat I'm flabbergasted that there's still no way to save the positions of icons on your desktop and changing to a different resolution just scatters them hither and yon.

@pawcelot It's mind-boggling how bad Windows is at its actual job, and even more mind-boggling that it seems to have gotten *worse* over time, not better. Nobody seems to trust their Windows boxes to be reliable any farther than they can thrown them these days.

@alahmnat I wouldn't be using Windows at all if it weren't for PC gaming.

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