Sometimes my mind boggles at how quickly Uru's netcode chokes on such a small scope of responsibility (tracking player movement & position, a handful of object states, and updating a few physics object positions) compared to the amount of computation that other MMOs seem to handle easily (NPCs, mob AI, combat, dynamic events...).

@dpogue It definitely feels like there are a lot of fundamentally busted design assumptions that got baked into the project when the maximum server population was "RIUM, R-chan, lonely, IMF, Rand, and Chogon", heh.

I had no idea they'd gutted most of the netcode for MOUL, though. That's fascinating. And also kind of a bad sign that it didn't get much better as a result...

@alahmnat some times I catch myself boggling at what the graphics card for reality has to handle. Then I have to remind myself that that’s not (probably) how it works. :p

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