I gotta say, mechanically the board game is a complete clusterfucking disaster, but it still amuses me just how literally it translates the concept of "puzzle game" into meatspace. "Competitive jigsaw puzzle completion" is just such a hilarious concept for a board game.

@alahmnat Wait, that's actually a thing that people made? :O

@furkachi Yup! It's extremely dumb and a nightmare to play, but it exists! I like to bring it to Mysterium just to see the looks on people's faces, hehe.

@alahmnat I mean, if it's a nightmare to play at least it's a good callback to the original game

@alahmnat I almost want to play this just for how strangely surreal it is that such a thing even exists at all. It's like aliens trying to replicate earth games with no context and taking all the vocabulary literally

@QuinnCollie It's *supremely* weird. The puzzle-building phase is bizarre on its own, but then the "use the puzzle pieces as movement squares and try to take over all of the landmarks with your pawn and a spinner and also there are cards? Points!" thing is very Extremely 90s Board Games in all of the worst ways.

I'm bringing it to Mysterium again this year ;).

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