It was unfortunately a truncated day for me at because I had to work today, but it was awesome to see and catch up with people I haven’t seen in… geez, 5 years now. Looking forward to tomorrow. The trip to Cyan HQ should be quite exciting :)

Also, it’s incredible to me that this is the 20th Mysterium and it’s the biggest one yet. 220+ people in attendance, and it capped out there only because the hotel space can‘t legally hold any more people!

I love that there are so many new faces this year, even in a fandom whose last franchise entry came 14 years ago (god I’m old…).

Mysterium has been part of my life in one way or another for more than half of my lifetime. I love that it still exists, and that it’s not a sad, dwindling ember only attended by the same handful of people every year.

I also love that I’m not in charge of it AT ALL this year, so I get to just kick back and have as much fun as I want. 😉

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